Fitness and Exercise Experts Speak About Adverse Effects of Painkillers

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Fitness and exercise experts state that painkillers are unhealthy and should not be taken to relieve pain of any kind especially the one that you get after exercising. Ibuprofen is a painkiller that people normally take to reduce pain. Some athletes even take ibuprofen as an antidote for anticipated pain. But this is not advisable any more. Many people do this out of a feeling that it reduces pain. But this practice is very dangerous and also hazardous. It has been recently found that non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug consumption is harmful and should be discouraged. Ibuprofen or such painkillers injure the intestine when consumed after exercise. So the ideal way to ensure that fitness and exercise go hand in hand is by avoiding consumption of painkillers before or after exercise. It was noticed that when athletes took pain killers before or after exercise they showed considerable damage to the intestine. Exercise decreases the flow of blood in the gastro intestinal system. Pain killers  [...]

Exercises for Patients with TMJ Disorder

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A person experiencing cracking or popping sounds while talking or chewing should find out the medical reasons behind it. Often we experience such sounds but tend to ignore it, which is wrong. These might be signs of a temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ disorder. The common factors resulting in TMJ disorder include: teeth grinding, stress, slipped disc of the jaw etc. As the disorder progresses the patient might also experience pain in the jaw and its adjacent regions. Doctors treat TMJ disorder by realigning the patient’s jaw, which helps in reducing the pain. Besides that he will recommend performing certain exercises regularly for getting rid of the disorder completely. Below we have discussed some of the exercises recommended to patients suffering from TMJ disorder: Assisted & resisted opening: To perform this exercise, first place the middle and index fingers on the front teeth of your lower jaw. Apply gentle pressure in a way as if you are trying to open the jaw using  [...]

Burning Calories For Hours Post-Workout with Peak 8 Exercises

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How about being capable of burning calories for many hours after having worked out? This is very much possible with Peak 8 Exercises. HGH (human growth hormone) is one good reason which explicates the effectiveness of Peak 8 Exercises. So many sportspersons are spending several thousand dollars on a monthly basis for injecting HGH for performance improvement. Not merely is this pointless however would also be contributory to health issues since it is unattainable to obtain right HGH dosage. Solely our bodies know what’s needed & having the response loops for optimizing our levels. For people in their thirties, particularly those leading a sedentary existence in most likelihood would be entering a phase termed as somatopause (age-linked HGH deficit). With plummeting HGH levels in the body, the amounts of IGF-1 additionally lowers, which is a crucial part of what impels aging process of our bodies. When one performs Peak 8 exercises in the proper manner it aids in increasing one’s  [...]

Full Body Workout with Burpees

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In case you are finding yourself lost & befuddled with your body conditioning & strength then here’s an exercise which would be cranking up intensity sans costing a penny. Just some minutes of doing Burpee would be convincing enough that one’s own innate bodyweight offers plentiful resistance for a superb, kick-butt full body workout which would be blasting your endurance & fats melting to full gear. Firstly, the particulars of a Burpee are to be clearly discussed. The all-body conditioning burpees would promote development of anaerobic staying power & explosive strength. Right Way of Performing a Burpee Starting off in a squatted position and hands placed on the ground ahead of yourself. With hands bracing the ground, your feet are to be kicked backwards to a push-up starting pose. Instantaneously returning your feet back to squatted pose. Leaping up to as much height as personally doable from the squatted pose. Repeating & move as swiftly as doable.  [...]

Shake Weight Review – Is it Really Worthy?

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Shake weight vended by Fitness IQ is basically a dumbbell wherein weights on both ends are affixed to the grasp via a coil. It could be procured on the Net, in several retail shops & from TV ads. Shake weight is obtainable in duo editions for both genders. The version for females costing around twenty dollars (prior to it being shipped & handled) has a weight of five pounds while that devised for males is ten pounds in weight costing close to thirty dollars (prior to it being shipped & handled). Shipping of the pack is done direct to your residence & entails a Shake weight, exercise DVD plus instruction listing. Shake Weight - Manner of Working As per the ads of Shake Weight, it appears to work via a technique known as dynamic inertia. The weight would be bouncing off the tips of the grip by the coil hence one shakes it backwards & forwards. Users would perform such shuddering movement in varied positions for targeting key muscles of the torso like trunk, shoulder  [...]

Perfect Pushup Tips for Best Results

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Push-ups use our bodies own weight alongside gravity for toning and conditioning muscles. Numerous fitness gurus have dubbed push-ups as the nearest thing there exists to an ideal workout. One prime reason for push-ups having lasted that long is because they are uncomplicated, economical and equipment-free capable of working several body areas at the analogous instant & every person – novice or athlete could garner advantages. As engaging of all muscles amid shoulder to toe areas are done during push-ups inclusive of every major core muscle type of the chest, abs, leg & hip areas hence it is beneficial to several muscle sets through the body. Push-ups have an added advantage for the female gender. Push-ups are deemed resistance exercise hence alongside strengthening muscles, they are also help to build bone strength and has efficacy at part with weight-assisted workouts. The Perfect Pushup – Tips to Master the Fundamentals Though numerous variants of push-up are present,  [...]

Weight Loss by Running – Tips for Maximizing Performances & Form

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A basic yet important principle applicable to all sports is form optimization for improved performances & lesser injury. It is principally pertinent for runners. Weight loss by running while also protecting muscle & joint types is to be taken into consideration at all times and here are some handy tips for becoming an abler runner. Tip #1 – Lightening Up When one runs hard or strikes the feet on the floor using max vigour, it causes an increase in force intensities transmitted throughout the body thus contributing to newer injury or aggravating existent problems. All this creates discomforting experiences for runners. Hence for running in a light manner one should actively try to soften the sounds that the feet would make when they hit earth. Tip #2 – Be vigilant about the leaning When one excessively leans forwards it tends to increase weight on the frontal portion of the knee & limiting apt arm motion that could slacken a runner. Hence, one should be standing by  [...]

Weight Loss Tip – Exercise Pre-Breakfast for Best Results

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The festival season has its share of myriad delights & regrettably several counteracting dietetic downfalls. The most able-bodied & regimented could yield to indulgences of fatty, calorific bliss that abound this time as compared to the rest of the year. Health upshots, when behaviours are not kept under check could be fast & perturbing. A recently conducted trial by Australian researchers noted that subsequent to merely 3 days, an exceedingly fatty, calorie-laden dietetic intake could cause a pike in blood glucose levels & insulin resistance which has the potential of augmenting chances of developing type II diabetes. Expansions in waist measurements too are noted during the holiday season eliciting self-censuring and self-blaming alongside impracticable resolution for the New Year. However a new-fangled trial appearing in ‘The Journal of Physiology’ indicates a weight loss tip that is far unfailing & an easier retort by running or bicycling prior to eating the  [...]

Stepwise Guide to Working Out with Hectic Schedules

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Vocation, kin, laundering, volunteer work & myriad others in the lengthy commitment list serve as pretexts to evade exercising. Even as agendas appear to be getting hectic at most times, it is imperative to prioritize exercising since it enhances fitness & health levels. Miniscule amendments in one’s hectic time-table would most possibly make ample space for an express workout – be it heading off to an aerobics class or walking about the block or working out at one’s in-home gym. Building off of one’s existing form and striving for no less than thirty minutes of exercising daily is imperative. Move I Looking for any commitment in the schedule which could be eliminated or shifted to another time or delegating it to another person for creating time for working out. Start reviewing your everyday agenda for identifying likely workout breaks during the daytime. Move II Waking up half an hour sooner during dawn times for squeezing in a quickie exercise session. Working  [...]

Get Sexier Curves with Equipment-Free At-Home Workouts

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Those who work out in health clubs or class settings do have the perks of provided motivational levels as exercising with others is mostly fun-filled as compared to doing it by yourself & also adding diversity to the programme. But enrolling in gyms or procuring exercise equipments is not a choice at all times. However the positive news is that one could easily obtain complete-body workouts in the confines of your abode sans equipments. Simple tools like staircases, chair, stepping stool or others items used around the house could be deployed for working entire muscle sets. Stairs Scramble Those people having stairways at their homes could employ them for getting a cardio workout. According to the ACE (a non-profit association promoting active way of living) recommendation stairways when climbed for merely thirteen minutes daily could bring about improvement in heart health & lessen levels of cholesterol. Breaking the workout by sprinting upstairs for a set ensued by marching  [...]

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