Skin Rashes and How they Occur

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Skin rashes occur due to a problem in that particular anatomical area. These are found to affect people who are sensitive to certain situations and substances.

There are many kinds of skin rashes so let us get to know what they exactly are.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a kind of skin rash that is seen to affect most of the adults. This is an eruption that comes with red scales and that is seen to occur in the brows, scalp, forehead, external ears and cheeks.

Then you have atopic dermatitis which is another kind of skin rash and is known as eczema and is a very common disorder during childhood. So children get red rashes which are itchy and ooze and these occur normally on the back of the knees and the elbows. They are also found in the wrists, cheeks, neck and ankles. It is normally seen in those patients who have hay fever and asthma.

Skin Rashes and How they OccurThen you have contact dermatitis that is another rash that is mainly brought on either due to touch and contact with a particular chemical or due to a substance that is seen to irritate the skin directly. There are some chemicals that are allergens and irritants. This is a rash that is also oozy and weepy and affects those parts of the skin that has come in total touch with the substance that causes this rash. Some of the common dermatitis causing substances are poison oak, and also reactions to some kind of jewelry which has nickel content in it.

Those who wear diapers also have a rash and it is seen to occur mostly in infants who wear diapers. The faceces and the urine if it remains for a long time, then the rash occurs.

Stasis dermatitis is another kind of skin rash that is seen on the lower legs. This occurs due to very poor circulation in the veins.

Psoriasis is another eruption that occurs on the knees, scalp and the elbows. It normally never oozes or weeps but causes silvery flakes in the skin and these fall off.

Then there is Nummular eczema which is a oozy, weepy skin rash that is seen to occur as coin shaped plaques especially occurring in winter and is normally linked to dry skin.

The common skin rashes thus are diagnosed very easily and rash is a condition with a lot of skin disorders. the rash is any kind of inflammation on the skin. Dermatologists normally have various ways to describe the skin rashes. The first manner in which this is identified is to find the color, size, density and the shape of the rash. The rash is then described with words like circular, linear, ring shaped, snake like etc.

Then the way the rash appears is specified and this is very useful in understanding exactly how the rash occurs as there are many diseases where the rash is seen to appear in particular areas. Thus the findings have to be a part of the disorder and have to have a particular way of occurring and appearing. These findings reveal existence of scaling, scabbing, and ulcers.

Rashes can be non infectious rashes occurring in a particular area or it could be rashes due to some skin irritation . It could also be a rash caused due to a bacterial infection. The rashes are normally signs of irritation and never something very drastic. Yet proper evaluation of the rash is needed to be able to treat the condition well.

If the infections occur as scaly patches of skin then they are fungal infections. These are very common but normally don’t appear as often as those in the eczema category. Yeasts can also cause a fungus rash. These rashes look fiery and have pustules in the ends. Then there are rashes that are labeled as yeast infections.

It is not that people who lack hygiene get rashes. This has no connection with the yeast and fungus infections. Fungal rashes are not caught from animals or dogs nor are they got from showers, gyms, pools etc. They are not contagious either.

Treatment for rashes is normally very straight and clear. There are many antifungal creams that are bought from the drugstore and that cure the rashes. If a fungus has been treated and there is no success then it is possible that it was never a fungus but an eczema wrongly treated. Make sure you go to the doctor and know exactly what caused the rash and have the correct treatment.

Rashes are a way of the body to show that there has been some problem within. Know best how to identify and deal with it.

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