Natural Herbs for Hair Growth

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Hair is one of the main factors of concern for people who want to maintain a good healthy look. Mineral oil is normally used by people to oil the hair but mineral oil has a lot of strands that have some synthetic ingredients. Mineral oil is made by distillation of petroleum, which is a great saran wrap for the scalp. It slows down the main job of the skin, which is to reduce the toxins. Natural oils are today very much in demand as they are absorbed by the skin easily and they help the hair grow. Normally everyone experiences a lot of hair fall and dandruff and with the use of natural oils all these problems disappear.

Among the natural oils, jojoba oils are very commonly preferred oil by all. This extract of the jojoba plant is found in Arizona in California and many parts of Mexico. Jojoba oil has been used by many American Indians to not only moisturize but also grow hair. Jojoba has certain characteristics, which help to protect the scalp as jojoba has a lot of constituents that are similar to the natural oils produced by the skin glands. Jojoba is available at all shops and can be applied directly to the hair. This is also a great conditioner and helps to promote hair growth. Jojoba would not harm the scalp or your hair and is hypoallergenic. Aloe Vera is another good product that is used by all the Native Americans as a product of hair growth.

Herbs For Hair GrowthUse wheat germ, coconut milk, and aloe Vera and use it as a natural shampoo. Aloe Vera is also available at all drug stores and herb shops. It is directly applied to the scalp and it helps in opening the pores on the scalp. Some pores in the scalp are blocked and aloe Vera helps to clear the pores. People across the world use aloe vera to massage the hair follicles and also the scalp. Besides this, you also have mustard oil, rosemary oil, and emu oil.

Peppermint is another thing that is applied on the hair to promote hair growth. It is a good stimulator for the scalp and is a good hypoallergen. It has to be diluted before application and this is an oil that can be bought at the herb shops and this certainly does not harm the scalp. All these oils are available at the herb shops are easily utilized with the best efforts.

Lavender is another oil that is very much a favourite amongst herbal practitioners and it really helps to prevent baldness and encourages hair growth. Lavender has anti bacterial agents that helps to heal scalp infection and soothe the hair. It is not only useful in dandruff treatment but also adds volume to the hair shaft. Keep a few lavender sprigs in a glass container and cover it tightly with extra virgin olive oil. Allow it to age for three to four weeks. Now use this lavender oil as a daily scalp treatment. Leave it overnight. Wash hair with a gentle shampoo and you would see the difference.

Burdock root oil is also another way of treating the hair. Also called the bur oil this is one of the most important herbal treatments that helps to restore hair. Burdock helps to promote healthy hair by removing all the scalp irritants and improves circulation of blood in the hair follicle. Burdock root oil gives natural phytosterols and also important fatty acids to the roots of the hair and this has been used traditionally to reduce hair trimming and also reverse hair fall. This is a main ingredient in restoring hair treatments.

Natural HerbsThen you have Saw Palmetto, which is an oil that has been in use for ages and is used not only as a healing herb but also as a staple food. The herb is pulverized into a fine powder. It has a dark red berry and is found in all forms of tinctures, capsules, ointments, and teas. Saw Palmetto has a lot of beneficial effects for all those who have balding.

Stinging Nettle is another natural herb, which helps in hair growth. Nettle is harvested and the fresh leaves of this herb are immersed in olive oil in a glass jar. This is then sealed and stored in a dark place for a couple of days. It is advisable to use gloves as the leaves have tiny hairs that have a stinging sensation on the human skin. It is very invigorating and helps in maintaining the health of the hair. This is a very good conditioner and also an organic shampoo.

Rosemary is another natural herb that is used to promote the growth of the hair and it delays the greying of hair. Rosemary oil helps in circulation of blood and it is surely a recommended routine to refresh the hair. Immerse it in water and help the hair to retain the colour. The rinse is very effective on dark hair. A few drops of rosemary dipped in olive oil is good as a massage for the scalp.

Natural herbs are a way of ensuring that the hair grows well and is very healthy.

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