All about Grass Pollen Allergy

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Grass pollen is said to cause a lot of allergic reactions. Grass pollen in the air affects many people. In late springs and in the early months of the summer season, this causes allergic conditions resulting in rhinitis, asthma, and conjunctivitis. Any contact of skin with the grass or any kind of sitting in the grass or actions like mowing the lawn etc causes a lot of itching sensation in the skin. So atopic dermatitis and urticaria result after a normal grass allergy. Grass pollen allergy is also said to be linked with the fruit pollen syndrome thus resulting in a lot of allergies to vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes and fruits like peaches. Grass pollen is normally the main pollen in the air in the summer months. Allergy to this kind of pollen results in sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose. There are cases of asthma attacks in some people. Grasses can be classified as southern and northern grasses. The southern grass is found in regions with warm climate and here the Bermuda grass  [...]

Food Allergies or Intolerances – How to Differentiate Between Them?

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Over twelve million people in the U.S. suffer from food allergies & another several million having food intolerance. Rates of food allergies have increased two-folds in the United States in the past decade. Another bumming piece of news is that food allergies are heritable. In case one of the parents has an allergy then there’s a twenty-five percent likelihood of the child getting any type of food allergy, not merely the type that his/ her parent has. When mother & father have allergies, then fifty percent kids in the least would be developing them. True food allergies are our body’s erroneous notions that particular foods are attackers or invaders. Disparate to food allergy, food intolerance isn’t life-menacing & symptoms often nebulous are mostly surfacing quite belatedly from the time of food intake. Though the immune system involvement is there at times however the IgE protein isn’t. Any type of foods could be causal to intolerances & could arise in any age.  [...]

Runny nose allergy

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What is runny nose? It occurs when there is excessive production of fluid or mucous such that it moves out of your nose or enters back into your body through the throat. This is caused through the nasal tissues and blood vessels. Runny nose allergy will be caused through exposure to allergens such as dust, pollen, smoke, and animal dander. Runny nose allergy is often associated with other related symptoms such as nose itching and frequent sneezing. The function of the nose will be primarily including mucus production for trapping pollutants, dust particles, germs, and pollen. Excessive mucus production lead to post-nasal drip and is termed as runny nose. We could further classify runny nose allergy as follows: Seasonal: Runny nose allergy symptoms are felt by the patient in specific seasons such as spring, fall, or summer and this is related to the high pollen count that occurs in this season due to the flowering of plants. Perennial: Runny nose allergy symptoms are experienced by  [...]

Sinus Allergy Treatment Choices that Work

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An allergy normally is a reaction given by the body when it feels that a foreign body has entered it. It considers these bodies as allergens and throws up signals to the body to produce histamines which produce the required allergy symptoms. Amongst the various parts of the body the sinus is a sensitive area as it is the doorway to smell. All objects that we smell are indirectly related to the sinus. The sinus has small cilia like structures which block the entry of what the body feels is a foreign body. However when there is an allergy these foreign bodies come in greater numbers and affect its functioning. A situation where the sinus is unable to protect the body from these allergens is called sinusitis. Sinusitis is normally treated with medicines. One also tries to treat it with a hot pack on the face etc. The goals of the treatment are Improve the drainage of mucus and reduction in the swelling of the sinuses. Relieve pain and pressure. To clear any kind of infection. To  [...]

Allergy Symptoms Aggravators – 9 Startling Reasons You Never Anticipated

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In case you are one of those suffering from seasonal allergy (sixty million people in the U.S.) then you perhaps would be having some tricks to avert triggering factors such as staying indoors during sky-rocketing pollen counts or shutting windows & starting the air conditioner. Though here are some of the lesser apparent factors which could well be aggravating allergy symptoms. Demanding Job Deadline A trial conducted in 2008 by scientists from OSU College of Medicine uncovered that allergy symptoms intensified subsequent to having undergone an anxiety-provoking test in comparison to when they carried out tasks not tensing them out. Stress hormones might kindle Immunoglobin E the allergy-causing blood proteins, according to trial researchers. When one is stressed out, it is crucial that one gets adequate sleep as its deficiency could aggravate stress & symptoms of allergy. You delay taking medicines Histamine-blocker medicines have best efficacy pre-exposure to allergen.  [...]

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