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Fitness and Exercise Experts Speak About Adverse Effects of Painkillers

Fitness and exercise experts state that painkillers are unhealthy and should not be taken to relieve pain of any kind especially the one that you get after exercising. Ibuprofen is a painkiller that people normally take to reduce pain. Some athletes even take ibuprofen as an antidote for anticipated pain. But this is not advisable any more. Many people do this out of a feeling that it reduces pain. But this practice is very dangerous and also hazardous. It has been recently found that non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug consumption is harmful and should be discouraged. Ibuprofen or such painkillers injure the intestine when consumed after exercise. So the ideal way to ensure that fitness and exercise go hand in hand is by avoiding consumption of painkillers before or after exercise. It was noticed that when athletes took pain killers before or after exercise they showed considerable damage to the intestine. Exercise decreases the flow of blood in the gastro intestinal system. Pain killers  [...]

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Natural Herbs for Hair Growth

Hair is one of the main factors of concern for people who want to maintain a good healthy look. Mineral oil is normally used by people to oil the hair but mineral oil has a lot of strands that have some synthetic ingredients. Mineral oil is made by distillation of petroleum, which is a great saran wrap for the scalp. It slows down the main job of the skin, which is to reduce the toxins. Natural oils are today very much in demand as they are absorbed by the skin easily and they help the hair grow. Normally everyone experiences a lot of hair fall and dandruff and with the use of natural oils all these problems disappear. Among the natural oils, jojoba oils are very commonly preferred oil by all. This extract of the jojoba plant is found in Arizona in California and many parts of Mexico. Jojoba oil has been used by many American Indians to not only moisturize but also grow hair. Jojoba has certain characteristics, which help to protect the scalp as jojoba has a lot of constituents that are  [...]

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