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Healthy diet and ADHD

Healthy food is very important for all the children who are in their growing stage. A healthy diet is a must for all those children who should have strong bones and good health. For children with attention hyperactivity disorder healthy food is a must and a healthy diet is a mainstay of ADHD. Ahealthy diet for an ADHD child would be one that has good fiber, omega, folate, and such effective substances. This decreases hyperactivity largely. Also, if you have a diet that is rich in vegetables, fish, and whole grains then it is good for hyperactive kids. A good diet for an ADHD child is one that has lesser amount of refined sugar and fat. Then there is the elimination diet with always tries to avoid common food allergens like nuts, fish, vegetables, and whole grains. There is the Feingold diet, which keeps away from artificial coloring, preservatives, artificial flavorings; These types of diets are not easy to follow. Changing the eating habits is always not enough to get an improved behavior  [...]

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Healthy living and Detox foods

Healthy living is all about eating right and staying fit. Your health would have lot to benefit if you add some detox foods to the daily diet. There are many super foods with properties of detoxifying which help to ensure that you have a good life and you have a healthy type of living. Some of the best detoxifying foods are there in our regular diet and give the best of healthy lifestyle. Almonds for example are the best kind of food, which are high in calcium, fiber, useable protein, and fiber. All these help to stabilize blood sugar and helps in removing impurities from the intestines and bowels. Then there are avocados, which are low in cholesterol and help in dilating the blood vessels. Avocados help in dealing with the toxicity in the arteries. They also have a substance called glutathione, which blocks at least 30 different kinds of carcinogens. These carcinogens aid in detoxification of the synthetic chemicals. There are many people who found that the elderly people have high levels  [...]

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