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Adding a few rupees as taxes to air tickets can help generate the much needed funds to buy life saving medicines for diseases such as HIV/ AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

United, a UN agency which negotiates to buy cheap medicines from the leading pharmaceutical companies all over the world to treat deadly diseases in developing countries, is urging India to join countries such as France, Brazil, Chile, and South Korea in imposing a nominal tax to fund its efforts.

The initiative which generates about $ 200 annually is proposing a tax of Rs. 10 on domestic tickets and USD 1 on any international flights in the Indian market.

ClearPay your Tax to save livesly this big a noble cause and India with a booming air passenger market, India can make a big difference if it joins the initiative.

Since 80 percent of the drugs bought by united are from the Indian pharmaceutical companies and some of them are used to treat Indian patients, India has nothing to lose by joining this programme.

The money raised from this initiative will help us combat the deadly diseases like AIDS / HIV malaria and tuberculosis, which are taking a heavy toll on the human life.

Surely paying a nominal amount as tax should not pinch our pockets but it will surely help someone who needs assistance. Therefore we should not crib about it and pay the tax with a smile.

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