Foods for Reducing Alcohol Craving

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Alcohol addiction can be controlled successfully if one manages to reduce his alcohol craving. The intensity of alcohol craving are not same for all alcoholic individuals; it varies from one person to the other. According to medical experts, one suffers from alcohol cravings due to the physiological response towards the external or internal cues evoking the exciting euphoric memories of what he or she experiences after consuming alcohol. The craving also occurs due to discomforts associated with withdrawal and the desire of tasting alcohol. Alcohol cravings and other side effects of alcohol withdrawal (tension, bowel disruption, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, decreased energy levels, anxiety etc) can be reduced up to a great extent by changing the diet plan of an alcoholic individual. Below we have discussed about the food types that help in managing alcohol craving successfully. Complex carbohydrates: Foods that are rich in complex carbohydrate helps in decreasing the intensity  [...]

Minerals for Getting Rid of Smoking Habit

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Giving up the practice of smoking is indeed one of the most difficult jobs. According to several survey results, smoking is the premiere preventable disease across the world. No medication can promise a fortnightly relief from this deadly addiction. However, if the right dosage of medicines is followed with the intake of essential nutrients, the person will definitely meet success in giving up smoking for the entire life. Selenium is counted one among the essential nutrients that aid in recuperating the body surviving with the umpteen damages caused by the toxic gases and chemicals of cigarette smoke. Selenium is a beneficial mineral with anti-oxidant properties. It is known for managing the natural defense system of the body, immune system. It shields the cells present at the vital organs of the body from the distorting effects of the free radicals. It clears out all the toxic collection as well as viral infestation around the immune system and restores its lost strength. This nutrient  [...]

Celebs who Overcame Addictions

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Celebs are role models & could deploy that position for demonstrating their personal healthy passage to a legit, lasting therapy program. Martin Sheen Recuperating from alcoholism & an active participant of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), chiefly gives due credit to his belief in Catholic religion for his recovery. Martin Sheen revealed that he partook in Alcoholics Anonymous meets as a means of helping his tumultuous son Charlie with his co-existent addictions. Jamie Lee Curtis The fifty-one-year old actress confessed to having painkiller addiction following a routinely conducted operative method in her mid-thirties. Curtis playing mother to turbulent celebrity Lindsay Lohan in the flick ‘Freaky Friday’ even came clean about being a heavy drinker time & again to allay lonesomeness. Last year, over a decade of staying sober, she spoke to ‘Today Show’ about how her recuperation is the finest triumphs of her entire life. She believes that accepting that your life is  [...]

Eye-Opening Revelations about ‘Light’ Cigarettes

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Vast numbers of the smoker populace opt for ‘light’, ‘low tar’ or ‘mild’ varieties in cigarettes since they consider light cigarettes might cause lesser harm as compared to ‘full flavour’ or ‘regular’ brands. Though light cigarette smokers have cited its feeling being more smooth and light on their throats and chests, these are not to be mistaken as a more healthful option to regular brands of cigarettes. The reality is that light cigarettes do not lower the health hazards of smoking. Smoke cessation is the sole means of reducing one’s risk as well as that of the people around. Low Tar, Nicotine figures flashed on Light and Ultra light Cigarette Packets and Advertisements Such figures are obtained from smoking machines that puff each product of cigarette in precisely the analogous manner. This information does not truly notify the exact amount of nicotine, tar presence a person smoking might be getting since every person smokes cigarette in a different manner.  [...]

Managing Concurrent and Sexual Addictions

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The preliminary remedial intervention for tackling sexual addiction would necessitate including an evaluation for other kinds of addictions. Expecting therapy for one addiction to be helpful when another addiction/s co-occur is sheer imprudence. Different types of addiction have a tendency of arising from analogous backgrounds. Kin having manifold addictions inclusive of co-dependent behaviours. Dearth of effectual parenting and several kinds of traumatic episodes during infancy which could be physically, emotionally or sexually scarring. Any type of addiction is believed to have the following analytical traits in common. Being pre-occupied or mentally obsessed. Uncontrollable, irrational, neurotic usage. Persistent usage in spite of grave loss incurred due to the addiction. Specialists have chalked out the following prevalent factors that are commonly shared in all addictions. Euphoria. Easy accessibility. Swift-acting. Escalating lenience. Diverse  [...]

Non-Drug Quit Smoking Aids

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Several tobacco-associated and nicotine-comprising products have surfaced in the recent past. However, their marketing as nicotine addiction treatment has not been done since the FDA does not deem them as medications and does not standardize them. A number of these could be of assistance; however, there is dearth of proof which shows these products to be helpful to those individuals intent on quitting tobacco use. Tobacco-free Snuff Product Types These are vended in groceries and chain stores. Their packaging is done similar to moistened snuff in tins and is available in an array of flavourings. These are prepared from plant or herb forms like mint extract, alfalfa, tea, kudzu, clover and several also have moistener presence such as glycerine and essences. Guarana is an herb form present in minimally one of them with caffeine presence. Tobacco-free snuffs could either be lone usage or merged alongside normal snuff among those attempting tobacco cessation. They are usually deemed risk-free  [...]

Reasons to Quit Smoking – Part II

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The body of a smoker has a tendency of clearing out caffeine fifty-six percent more swiftly as compared to those who do not smoke. Due to this one must reduce caffeine consumption to half when one is quitting or be risking some grave irate behaviour and sleeplessness. In case a woman smoker is using the pill then she should ideally stop either of the two since oral birth control pill intake has been linked to chances of developing clot, cardiac attacks, stroke; such risks are augmented in case one smokes. Since smoking has been found to affect liver enzymes which carry out processing of some medications hence those who smoke would at times require taking elevated dosages for getting the analogous outcome. Hence, one of the favourable reasons to quit smoking is being able to curb one’s dose of particular medicines. Smoke cessation means lesser likelihood of burning the home down. A research finding suggested that individuals residing in smoke-filled houses were nearly six times  [...]

Gut-Wrenching Reasons to Quit Smoking – Part I

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Smoke cessation could be a tough challenge and the best things one could do for one’s health. Here are to top pressing reasons to quit smoking. Less money to be shelled out annually as several countries (tobacco-cultivating countries included) are putting forth a tougher stance on smokers for revenues. There has been rising proof of price hikes translating to lesser smoking plus mounting medical expenses incurred due to smoking are phenomenal – a massive encumber to countries. Lesser germ inhalation due to smoke cessation. Novel studies have indicated that a cigarette crawls with microbes that make an entry inside the body alongside cigarette smoke. Though it is unclear whether the germ forms could make one ill, however the loathe quotient is irrefutable. Smoking could hamper one’s style in the bed room since it affects blood supply and thus lesser blood be supplied to the genital area and greater arousal problems in males as well as females. Better sleep is another one  [...]

How to Quit Smoking without Gaining an Ounce

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All those wondering how to quit smoking but fear piling on pounds, here are some handy tips that would help kick the nasty habit for good. Researches have shown that females that used nicotine replacement products (patch or gum) had lesser likelihood of putting on weight as these helped in curbing pangs of cigarette yearnings and hunger. Since nicotine has been found to cause approximately two hundred calories being burnt per day, hence it is crucial that the plummet in metabolism be compensated by leaving a mouthful of foods during meals and including a swift fifteen minute walk to one’s daily routine. Trying other non-food diversionary measures for avoiding substitution of cigarettes with foods or employing high calorie food treats as rewards. Running is a healthy option, however in case the distraction has to be true indulgence then based on personal preferences on-line shopping for items of choice would also help tide over the tough times. Begin or continue exercising.  [...]

Telltale Signs & Symptoms of Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse of varied legal and illicit substances continues to be a niggling, decades-old, nationwide health concern. Drug abuse could cause irreparable, all-encompassing devastation in the lives of the users as well as their kin members and pals. It is the reason for a surge in criminal activities and augmented monetary hassles in neighbourhoods. An estimate forty million grave infirmities, injuries or fatalities occur in the U.S. on an annual basis due to drug abuse. There is a wide-ranging array of substances which people abuse and every one of these has varied effects and upshots. Majority of these substances are vastly habit-forming and detrimental to a person’s health. There are several prevalent signs and symptoms which would assist in indentifying a drug abuser. Instantaneous Physical Signs & Symptoms A number of drug abuse signs and symptoms are instantaneous (occurring mainly when the drug abuser is using the substance). Every drug type elicits its own exclusive group  [...]

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