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Mental disorders in Children

Children too suffer from mental illness occasionally. There are many ways a child could get affected by mental disorders. Children could have the following disorders: Anxiety disorders: In this kind of disorder the children react to certain situation with a lot of dread and fear. They show a lot of physical signs like nervousness and anxiety , rapid heartbeat and sweating. Pervasive developmental disorder: Children sometimes have a lot of confusion in thinking and also have a lot of problems to understand the world that is around them. Disruptive behavior disorder: Children show a lot of disruptive behavior and normally have an inclination to defy rules and regulations. This is most pronounced when the child attends school. Elimination disorder: In such a kind of disorder the child shows a kind of behavior related to body wastes. Affective mood disorder: In such disorders there are regular feelings of hanging moods and sadness. The moods change rapidly and the person is very depressed  [...]

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Musculoskeletal Disorders and Ayurveda

Musculoskeletal disorders are greatly difficult and painful aches in the joints and the muscles. The person loses the strength in the hand and also has a lot of stiffness and swelling. Alongwith this there is a general pain in the forearms, wrists, neck, elbows, and the back. The motion is lesser in the neck, shoulder and the back. The vision is blurred and there is a lot of tingling and aching too. The person loses colour in the regions that are affected and there are headaches caused due to tension stress and other ailments. Why does a person get a musculoskeletal disorder? The reasons are many. It could either be a wrong posture due to sitting in front of the computer. It could be due to lack of support in the back while working. It could be because the person is in the same position for a long time. It could be due to the muscles stretching completely in the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Sometimes over activity leads to a pain in the musculoskeletal joints. So actions like bending  [...]

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The Health guide

There are many areas of health that we really are not aware of and that we never tend to identify. Let us discuss some unique observations in matters of health. People with obstructive sleep apnea have the same kind of damage to their cardiovascular conditions as people suffering from diabetes have. This is according to a new study that was taken recently. Obstructive sleep apnea is a common kind of disorder that is normally seen with a lot of disrupted breathing especially when the person is asleep. It is seen to increase the condition of high blood pressure and heart attack. It also drastically affects the heart by causing the rhythm to get disorderly. It has also been to affect the cardiac conditions and leads to heart failures. Any kind of information on early cardiovascular malfunctioning is exactly not available so no steps have been taken towards this condition. Obstructive sleep apnea leads to many kinds of disorders of the ear and the study was then with around 20 patients who  [...]

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Erectile Dysfunction in Men

A sexual problem or dysfunction comes when there is any phase in life wherein the response of the individual sexually has problems. The response cycle sometimes prevents the person from getting complete satisfaction from the sexual activity. The sexual response has four phases and they are excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Research says that the sexual dysfunction is very commonly seen in men and women. Sexual dysfunction could be due to psychological and physical causes. Physical causes like hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, chronic disease like a liver or kidney failure and other addictions like drug abuse and alcoholism cause sexual dysfunction. Sometimes there are side effects of medicines which result in such problems. Anti depressant drugs often leads to a lack in interest in sex. The psychological causes could be anxiety and work related stress. Sometimes it is caused due to the way you perform sex. AT times sexual dysfunction is due to problems in marriage  [...]

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