Erectile Dysfunction in Men

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A sexual problem or dysfunction comes when there is any phase in life wherein the response of the individual sexually has problems. The response cycle sometimes prevents the person from getting complete satisfaction from the sexual activity. The sexual response has four phases and they are excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

Research says that the sexual dysfunction is very commonly seen in men and women. Sexual dysfunction could be due to psychological and physical causes. Physical causes like hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, chronic disease like a liver or kidney failure and other addictions like drug abuse and alcoholism cause sexual dysfunction. Sometimes there are side effects of medicines which result in such problems. Anti depressant drugs often leads to a lack in interest in sex.
Erectile Dysfunction in Men
The psychological causes could be anxiety and work related stress. Sometimes it is caused due to the way you perform sex. AT times sexual dysfunction is due to problems in marriage and also feelings of guilt and also the effect of something that has happened in the past.

Men are faced with the most common problems of ejaculation disorders, an inhibited sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. There are various kinds of sexual disorders. These could either be premature ejaculation or a retarded ejaculation.

In premature ejaculation the ejaculation occurs before or just after the penetration. In inhibited ejaculation the ejaculation is very slow to happen. Then you also have retrograde ejaculation wherein the ejaculate is put back into the balder rather than come through the urethra and through the penis.

Inhibited and premature ejaculations are caused when there is no attraction for the partner and some events that have happened in the past and many other psychological factors like a strict religious sentiment etc. There are many beliefs which regard sex as a sinful act and in such individuals sexual acts would never be satisfactory. Premature ejaculation is today the most common form of sexual problem and is caused due to nervousness over how the performance would be during sex. There are many drugs that result in sexual dysfunctioning. Antidepressants, mood elevators are some of the drugs that are seen to cause a lot of sexual problems in men. Some drugs even cause problems of the back due to their after effects thus preventing the man from having sex.

Retrograde ejaculation is very commonly seen in males who are diabetic. They suffer from a condition called diabetic neuropathy. This is a problem where the nerve gets damaged. This is caused when the nerves in the bladder and the bladder neck are affected. The bladder neck is the one that allows the ejaculate to go forward and backward within the bladder. In many men, retrograde ejaculations are found after an operation in the bladder region, either prostrate or neck. There are many operations in the abdomen where the medications are given in high doses. This sometimes affects the sexual health of the individual. There are some medications which are given for conditions like post operational depression etc. This temporarily leads to a malfunction in the sexual organ of the person.

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition in the men where the man finds an inability to functions sexually.  Causes of erectile dysfunction could be atherosclerosis where the arteries harden up and also some other psychological factors like depression, stress and nervousness which lead to such conditions. Also there could be an injury to the penis which could cause sexual dysfunctions. Diseases like Peyronie’s disease where there is a scar tissue in the penis also is a cause for sexual dysfunction.

Thus sexual health of men could be impaired due to various conditions and these have to be tackled very delicately.

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