Fitness and Exercise Experts Speak About Adverse Effects of Painkillers

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Fitness and exercise experts state that painkillers are unhealthy and should not be taken to relieve pain of any kind especially the one that you get after exercising. Ibuprofen is a painkiller that people normally take to reduce pain. Some athletes even take ibuprofen as an antidote for anticipated pain. But this is not advisable any more. Many people do this out of a feeling that it reduces pain. But this practice is very dangerous and also hazardous.

Benefits of Exercise and FitnessIt has been recently found that non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug consumption is harmful and should be discouraged. Ibuprofen or such painkillers injure the intestine when consumed after exercise. So the ideal way to ensure that fitness and exercise go hand in hand is by avoiding consumption of painkillers before or after exercise. It was noticed that when athletes took pain killers before or after exercise they showed considerable damage to the intestine.

Exercise decreases the flow of blood in the gastro intestinal system. Pain killers also decrease the flow of blood. So if a pain killer is taken in combination with exercise then the flow of blood would doubly decrease and damage the intestine. Similarly taking a pain killer before exercise also results in such conditions.

So the question arises as to what should be done when such conditions of pain occurs. Should ibuprofen be consumed or not? The better option should be to have acetaminophen. So the crux remains that ibuprofen should be avoided and acetaminophen can be considered as it causes lesser injury to the intestine. The ideal situation in fitness and exercise would be absolutely no painkillers but this is not possible at times. Better still would be to eat a small amount of food either before or after workouts so that there is some good flow of gastrointestinal fluids.

Pain Killer AddictionPain killers like ibuprofen are non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs that are used to normally treat mild pain. This helps to relieve conditions like swelling, pain inflammation etc. the side effects of pain killers are seen when you use it without any control. The pain killers normally have very bad effects on the digestive tract, stomach, and intestinal tracts. This results in bleeding and this is also seen as blood in the stools and the colour of the stools is black. The kidneys and liver also get damaged due to consumption of pain killers. The colour of the urine also darkens and the side effects thus are very dangerous as well as hazardous so the ideal solution is to avoid taking pain killers.

Ibuprofen also affects the nervous system as the chemicals in the pain killer interfere with the chemicals in the brain and thus affects the overall nervous system. Consumption of painkillers also results in slurred speech, severe headache, problems of vision, and an increased sensitivity to seizure or light. If a person has any of these problems then the best solution is to visit the doctor.

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