All About Angina

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Angina, a dreaded cardiovascular disease of heart is the number one killer today and begins with a minor chest pain, and which is often ignored by us as we have the tendency to describe it as acidity or gas, but if this symptom is not taken seriously and treated properly it may culminate in to a massive heart attack. Angina is a recuing pain in the chest when the flow of blood to the heart is erratic and the coronary arteries that carry blood to the heart become narrowed and blocked. The pain is usually in the chest but sometimes it may be felt in the arms, neck, jaw or upper abdomen. It is advisable to take a angiography test to determine the intensity of the angina and to find out the specific locations of the blockages or narrowing of the coronary arteries. If the blockage seems critical to your health a procedure termed as angioplasty is required. Angioplasty is a procedure and not an operation, a technique to widen your obstructed blood vessel. Also stents are now widely used,  [...]

Stroke Symptoms & Life Saving Information on National Stroke Awareness Month

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Were you aware of the fact that somebody is suffering from a stroke every forty seconds & that in every four minutes somebody is dying as a result? Did you know that 1 from 3 adults suffers from hypertension (high blood pressure) still around twenty-one per cent are unaware of them having it. May is the month designated as National Stroke as well as High Blood Pressure Awareness Month. Stroke is the 3rd main reason for mortalities in the U.S. & even the key reason for grave long-lasting disablement. While majority of the strokes arise in individuals in their mid-sixties or more, they could arise irrespective of age. We are always busy with something or the other, spending majority of our time catering to the requirements of those around – our boss, spouse, children, kin – all but ourselves. If you, for one, don’t want to be the one included in the 795000 people in America who would suffer from a novel or recurring stroke in 2011 then start by taking proactive measures right  [...]

Promising Least Invasive Heart Valve Replacement Operation

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Several individuals ailing from a life-menacing cardiac problem called severe aortic stenosis can be benefited by a trial therapy which circumvents the need for open heart operation for replacing aortic valves, a novel research has indicated. Nearly one and a half million people in the U.S. have aortic stenosis – an advancing constricting of the aortic valve which thwarts pumping of blood supply from the heart to the rest of the body & brains. Around 300000 of such individuals have an adequately acute problem that necessitates the valves to be artificially replaced. However open heart surgery could carry significant risk for around 1 in 3 patients, several of them being aged for whom there is presently no effectual therapy. Edwards Lifesciences Corp, California has provided funding and is behind the development of this investigational treatment created for properly positioning a novel aortic valve sans major surgical intervention. The replaced valve is affixed to catheter and threading  [...]

New-Fangled Aspirin Guidelines for Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention

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The value of regular aspirin intake as a preventive measure for stroke and heart attack has always been widely queried. With latest study finding shedding novel light, there has been surmounting proof cited in several prominent scientific journals presently suggesting that if a person is in good health and not at an augmented threat of suffering a heart attack then aspirin intake is not necessary as a preventative measure. This is due to researches having indicated that aspirin does not lower stroke or heart attack related fatality risk among individuals in good health. Moreover, the likely risks of GI tract bleeding, ulcer formations or brain haemorrhage appear to overweigh any cardiovascular advantages which aspirin could be able to offer. But, in case one has a history of stroke or heart attack, or in case one has been medically diagnosed with elevated or intermediate risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack, the advantages of aspirin intake is capable of trumping over these threats.  [...]

High Cholesterol Risks: 2 Grave Health Perils

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High cholesterol risks are often taken lightly by several individuals despite 1 in 5 having this condition and above fifty percent people from the U.S. having higher than the acceptable normal limit. Regrettably, being so prevalent, high cholesterol poses grave health risk and directly contributes to heart disease which may cause heart attack and stroke. Heart disease continues to hold topmost position as the reason for fatality and ailment across the globe. According to the WHO, nearly twenty percent of all stroke cases and nearly fifty percent of all heart attack cases could be associated with high cholesterol. However, despite being detected with elevated cholesterol there are several measures that could be taken to prevent it from leading to more grave conditions. Making Sense of High Risk Cholesterol Figures Cholesterol is the fatty matter which circulates in the bloodstream. A part of the cholesterol would come from the food types one consumes and a massive portion of it is,  [...]

New Vaccine Pegged as Salvager from Heart Disease

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A jab which could halt cholesterol from damaging the arteries might reduce heart disease by 2/3rds. The trial vaccine is being initiated by researchers from the Karolinska Inst., Sweden which functions by halting the shielding system of the body from overly reacting to excessive blood cholesterol levels. This form of overreaction could lead to inflammation in the blood vessel lining to the extent that clot formation could occur which triggers a heart attack. The new-fangled shot functions as a blockage to T cells which are produced by the body’s immune system when a red alert about an assault is sounded. This is an innate protection mechanism intended to shield the body from developing bacterial and viral infections. T cells are additionally sent out in response to LDL or bad cholesterol being detected by the immune system which has begun sticking to the walls of blood vessel. However, on arrival at the site, T cells would cause swelling in the arterial lining in an endeavour to drive  [...]

Diagnosis and Treatment Choices for Heartburn Angina Symptoms

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When to seek medical opinion in case of Heartburn Angina Symptoms In case antacid use is occasionally like a day in a week or less, then it is deemed fine, but more than a day in a week for 6 months or more and no signs of improvement then it is time to visit the doctor. Medical Evaluation of Heartburn Angina Symptoms The physician would conduct a battery of tests and the below mentioned steps would be followed in case unrelenting heartburn has shown no signs of allaying despite modifying dietetic intake. An EKG test would be necessary for excluding any heart-associated issues. In case heart disease is being doubted then a coronary angiography would be necessary. A coronary risk profile would also be needed. The person’s ECG would be supervised by the doctor in charge. Exercise stress test is done for evaluation of the heart’s capability of withstanding extent of physical stress. A stress echocardiogram examination would additionally be conducted. An exam for checking  [...]

12 Heart Condition Symptoms No One Must Ignore

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Here are a dozen heart condition symptoms that should be taken seriously and prompt medical assistance be sought to prevent any complications. Extreme Anxiety Severe nervousness or death-related fear is often prevalent among heart attack victims. Several people having survived heart attack mostly cite having felt imminent doom. Chest Pain Discomforting sensations or pains felt in the chest are the characteristic heart attack symptom and the symptom that all physicians classically watch out for. However, not all chest discomforts are due to heart attack and could arise due to other non-heart linked reasons. Heart-associated chest pains are mostly centering underneath the sternum or breastbone possibly to the left side of center akin to that of a heavy weight pressing on the chest. However, this chest pain could additionally be a discomforting feeling of pressure, constriction or fullness. Females have illustrated the chest pains resembling minor aches and others saying that  [...]

Gene Test Reveals Statin Users Also Benefited from lesser Colorectal Cancer Risk

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A Gene test could ascertain which individuals taking cholesterol-reducing statins could garner maximum gain in addition to decreasing their risk of colorectal cancer. This was the study finding which was conducted recently at the Univ. of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. The investigators had earlier proved that statin drugs – used by twenty-five million individuals globally on a daily basis for reducing their chances of developing heart ailments – could curb their chances of developing colorectal cancer by fifty percent. However, statin drugs do not seem to have analogous functioning for all people in decreasing colorectal cancer or heart ailment risk. A senior author of the study and director, cancer prevention and control, U-M Comprehensive Cancer Study, Dr. Stephen Gruber stated that their research is a preliminary gait in the direction of modified avoidance. Several individuals have been benefited considerably from statin drugs as compared to others for reducing cholesterol  [...]

Herbal Supplements Could Turn Dicey With Heart Medications

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A study conducted by researchers from the Mayo Clinic reveals that those patients who took heart medications were risking potential grave reactions when they additionally consumed herbal remedies like St. John’s wort, garlic, ginkgo biloba among several others. Researchers spotted several alternative, herbal remedies which must not be taken by heart patients on drugs for treating cardiac ailments. They claimed that these herbal remedies could be problem-causing when consumed with medicine prescriptions for lowering blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, stabilizing irregular cardiovascular rhythms or preventing blood clot formations. Investigators pointed out that heart patients mostly do not keep their physicians informed about any herbal or alternative products they were taking as they fail to identify the likely harm that these remedies could cause. For such individuals natural synonymously translated to being risk-free. Though these medications have been used for hundreds of  [...]

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