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There are many areas of health that we really are not aware of and that we never tend to identify. Let us discuss some unique observations in matters of health. People with obstructive sleep apnea have the same kind of damage to their cardiovascular conditions as people suffering from diabetes have. This is according to a new study that was taken recently.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common kind of disorder that is normally seen with a lot of disrupted breathing especially when the person is asleep. It is seen to increase the condition of high blood pressure and heart attack. It also drastically affects the heart by causing the rhythm to get disorderly. It has also been to affect the cardiac conditions and leads to heart failures.

Any kind of information on early cardiovascular malfunctioning is exactly not available so no steps have been taken towards this condition. Obstructive sleep apnea leads to many kinds of disorders of the ear and the study was then with around 20 patients who had a problem of sleep apnea. Then it was done on 20 other diabetic patients. It was seen that patients with some kind of sleep apnea showed a lot of malfunctioning of the endothelial areas. They had stiffness of the arteries than the otherwise healthy people. The results done with the diabetics also revealed somewhat similar results. This is what is indicative of the condition where obstructive sleep apnea is linked to a higher risk of a disease of the cardiovascular zones.The Health guide

Endothelial dysfunction refers to a condition where the inner lining of the blood vessels do not function normally. Patients should thus understand that people who snore are actually those who are prone to a serious condition of cardiac pathology and they should thus go and get checked by a sleep specialist. If they are diagnosed with a condition like obstructive sleep apnea then they are a greater risk of contracting a heart disease and thus need to have a better and healthier lifestyle to minimize the risk.

So all the pnemologists and cardiologists and other general practitioners should actually get together to be able to actually diagnose conditions like obstructive sleep apnea and give appropriate treatment. This could include treatments like continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP. Thus this would assess functions of the arteries. This would then help to stop the disease from increasing and so any kind of cardiovascular dysfunction would be avoided. This kind of dysfunction normally results in a heart failure which is the final stage of the disease.

Another news in health sectors is that antiseptics are actually supposed to keep the pathogens and the bacteria from entering the body through any cracks in the skin. But it has been seen that these products sometime get contaminated with those very organisms which they were supposed to protect against.

Health guideIt has been seen that there have been recent outbreaks that have happened in products like pre surgery antiseptics and single use alcohol. Health care providers should therefore understand that the topical antiseptic products actually pose a great risk of infection. These microbes have to be thus separated from the clinical samples that have been said to contaminate the product.

So how exactly do products that kill germs also land up containing germs? Bacteria are very diverse kind of organism and they adapt themselves to inhabiting in different kinds of environment. Companies that produce antiseptic products do not actually follow any rule of sterilization while manufacturing these products.

The regulations for producing antiseptic products were formulated in the seventies. It was assumed then that the products do not actually have to be produced in a sterile environment. This was because it was believed that the pathogens present in the environment would be instantly killed by the antiseptic itself. But this was not so and it was seen that in many outbreaks the products themselves were responsible for the bacteria.

It is not easy to find out where the organism came from. Most of the hospitals used one product to clean the skin before and after surgery. If that product itself is contaminated then everyone should fall sick whence it was seen that only some fell sick. So entirely holding the antiseptic product as the responsible factor is hard to accept.

It is thus important that we know exactly what is causing the contamination so that we would be able to isolate that factor.

Health news is agog about the disorders of heart caused due to sleep apnea and antiseptic products being responsible for spread of bacteria.

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