Chlamydia Symptoms Men – What to Expect

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Chlamydia afflicts around 4 million individuals in the U.S. annually with even more figures noted globally. Chlamydia infection could mostly produce varying symptoms in a man and woman and it would be vastly helpful to decipher symptoms pertinent to one’s gender. Chlamydia Symptoms Men It is vital to be watchful about the following Chlamydia symptoms men. Pains felt while urinating (due to urethral inflammation or urethritis in fifty percent cases) or scratchy feeling when one urinates (mostly the foremost symptom). Cloudiness noted in the urine. Water-like or smarmy emanation from the penis. Crustiness observed on the penile tip. Tenderness or soreness felt in the scrotal or anal area. Chlamydial Conjunctivitis (trachoma) develops due to infection spreading due to contact with infected fingers, clothing, cough or sneezes and eye seeking fly forms. Pains and swelling in the testicular area are uncommonly observed. Males and females who consent to anal sexual intercourse  [...]

Male Birth Control Pill

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Discovery of the pill over five decades back empowered a woman in taking charge of her body in a novel manner – not having to depend on a man for preventing pregnancy. Fifty years anon, females are able to choose from a wide-ranging array of pill and device types tailoring to their contraception requirements. Yet, despite the liberty of being able to select what method seems to suit them the most, they continue to be the ones modifying their bodies for the purpose of safer sex. Women have to take day-to-day drugs or don tiny hormone release devices which physicians illustrate with daunting diagrammatic depictions. Where are the prescriptions for males? Apparently researchers across the globe are endeavoring to seek more choices for both genders to help in thwarting conception; several methods show potential are in clinical studies and might as well plug in several loopholes in the present day birth control market. For males The hilarious part is that the male birth control pill  [...]

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – Decoding Vital Cues

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Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID generally initiates as a bacterial infection and cervical inflammation (cervicitis) that is commonly due to presence of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea or Chlamydia. PID has additionally been associated to imbalanced level of organisms usually present in the vagina which then spreads to other organs in the female reproductive system. In case not treated, PID could lead to scar tissue or adhesion formation which could be causal in incessant pelvic pain, sterility and ectopic pregnancy. Hence prompt treatment is crucial in case one is experiencing 1 or 2 PID symptoms. Soreness or pain felt in the lower abdomen. Painful sensation or soreness sensed on touching or palpating ovaries or fallopian tubes during exam. Cervical pain or soreness on palpitation. Symptoms that raise chances of developing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Greenish or yellowish coloured discharge from the vagina. A lab test outcome that corroborates presence  [...]

Varicocele Infertility – What Men need to be heedful about?

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Varicocele is an unusual swelling or enlargement in the varicose veins present in the scrotum. These are commonly noted to affect fifteen percent of men on the whole, and forty percent of men with identified infertility. Varicoceles are usually noted to develop in the left testicle. The varicocele repair surgery for improving male fertility is generally performed on an outpatient basis under the influence of local or general anaesthesia. A tiny slit is done on the abdominal area just near the site where originally testicles descended via the abdominal wall. The veins producing the varicocele are detected and incised for eliminating blood supply to the varicocele. Optionally, a non-operative method known as percutaneous embolization could be performed for treating varicocele infertility. A tiny catheter is introduced via a big vein in the neck/groin, slowly advancing it to the varicocele, which is blocked-up using a balloon, loop or medicines. Post Surgery – What to expect? Varicocele  [...]

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