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Monsoon Maladies: Downside of Rain

There are a couple of diseases to watch out for in the month of monsoon. It is imperative that effective remedies may be used to prevent these diseases during monsoon. During monsoon we may be affected by common cold and flu- more than 200 viruses are known to cure the common cold but mostly it is rhinoviruses, which affects your upper respiratory system- nose, voice box, throat, wind pipes and lungs. The viruses spread through air particles that are expelled while coughing or sneezing. Also it is found that the viruses move from some ones hand to your hands by a simple handshake or by a door knob or handkerchief from your hands to your nose and mouth. The symptoms of this virus are you may get runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing. Medical treatment must be taken immediately and you must drink plenty of hot fluid like soup and water to keep your body warm The other kind of disease we get during monsoon is the viral fever, due to the change in temperature and we have fever, body  [...]

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Watching Your Favorite TV Serials Can Make You Happy And Positive

The re runs of your favorite shows you watch on TV make you feel relaxed as at one point of time you treat the characters in the serial as your friends and near and dear ones, and you are so engrossed in their life that you laugh and cry with them in all the situations you watch in the serials. Psychologists have believe that people have limited control on their impulses and are likely to give in to their temptations, and hence in order to restore a sense of self control, we need to be positive, and boost ourselves and maintain self control, and this can be achieved by watching re runs of your favorite television shows and feel good, hale and hearty. This was the results of the research conducted by the University Of Buffalo. The research concludes that television, books, movies act as catalysts more than the leisure activities, and in some cases fulfill your emotional needs and restores yourself confidence and self control that people are reluctant or unable to fulfill through other  [...]

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New Invention to Measure the Pesticide Content Present in Food and our Body

All of us are concerned about the pesticides we consume in our daily life through the food we eat, the air we breathe and we are helpless as we are not aware of the remedies for this situation. A young scientist from Imtech, has developed a biosensor chip that tells us how much pesticide is there in our cold drinks, food or even the amount that has already entered our body's blood stream. This match box sized chip weighs 200 gms and costs only Rs 5. This low cost bio chip uses a simple affinity based electrochemical technique to detect toxic materials in the environment quickly and with high degree of sensitivity. The same sensor can also be used for diabetic markers, thyroid markers, and cardiac markers. In simple terms this means that the blood test through this chip can predict if you have a risk of heart attack, thyroid or diabetes. Pesticides usage raises lots of environmental concerns, and over 98% of the sprayed pesticides reach a destination other than their targets. These organic  [...]

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