Healthy living and Detox foods

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Healthy living is all about eating right and staying fit. Your health would have lot to benefit if you add some detox foods to the daily diet. There are many super foods with properties of detoxifying which help to ensure that you have a good life and you have a healthy type of living. Some of the best detoxifying foods are there in our regular diet and give the best of healthy lifestyle. Almonds for example are the best kind of food, which are high in calcium, fiber, useable protein, and fiber. All these help to stabilize blood sugar and helps in removing impurities from the intestines and bowels. Then there are avocados, which are low in cholesterol and help in dilating the blood vessels. Avocados help in dealing with the toxicity in the arteries. They also have a substance called glutathione, which blocks at least 30 different kinds of carcinogens. These carcinogens aid in detoxification of the synthetic chemicals. There are many people who found that the elderly people have high levels  [...]

Benefits of Olive Oil

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Olive oil has many benefits and therefore should be included in our diet to ensure better health. The following are some of the benefits of olive oil. Olive oil is good for the health of our heart: Research has shown that people who consumed olive oil had lesser risk of cardiovascular disorders. This is because olive oil contains mild vegetable mucilage. This is vital for the health of the heart. Therefore consuming olive oil is good for our heart. Olive oil cures ulcers: Olive oil has coolant properties and therefore it prevents ulcers. Ulcers are also caused due to improper digestion. And olive oil is good for digestion. Therefore olive oil is useful. Reduces constipation: using olive oil as a part of salad dressing helps to ease bowel movement. Therefore people who suffer from constipation should include olive oil in their meals. Olive oil also helps to reduce blood pressure Olive oil can be safely consumed by people who suffer from high cholesterol as it is not harmful  [...]

Switch to Herbal Products for Better Health!

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Herbal industry has picked up worldwide due to numerous advantages. They have been used since ancient times as remedies for medicinal purposes. Compared to modern medicines, herbal medicines yet are more effective without any side effects. Many chronic diseases are cured with herbal remedies because of their distinctive features, which are still to be fully explored by the modern world. Herbal remedies have been successful in curing common disease around the world like Asthma. Asthma is caused due to swelling and narrowing of lungs which leads to breathlessness, coughing and suffocation. Severe asthma attacks can cause death too. Therefore, it cannot be avoided or ignored. Herbal tea for controlling Asthma: Herbal teas are considered the most effective and easiest decongestants; which means they are helpful in relieving mucus blocking of the upper respiratory system. Herbal tea helps in relaxing the respiratory system along with the body muscles. As a result, there are fewer chances  [...]

Vitamin C Supplements for Healthy Living

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Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid is known to stimulate various health benefits in the body. First and foremost, the supplements of this essential vitamin are known to offer protection against common cold. The inflammation inhibitory action of ascorbic acid further works towards healing the wounds at a much faster pace. They protect and shield the gums from infestation of bacteria present in the food. Several doctors prescribe the daily consumption of flavonoids, an essential supplement of Vitamin C, to patients suffering from cardiovascular disorders. This is because the vitamin is known for its medicinal properties in stabilizing the level of cholesterol and lipid in the body. One of the most common diseases that occur due to the deficiency of Vitamin C is scurvy. This condition leads to the occurrence of soft and gullible gums, edema, bleeding underneath the skin and poor wound healing efficiency of the body. Further, supplements of vitamin C are known to be excellent sources of  [...]

Healthy Lifestyle Guide

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It is never too late to kick start a healthy lifestyle and all you need is a positive attitude and a little bit of commitment. The most satisfying feeling about transforming your life will be the change in how you feel from day to day. Healthier lifestyle choices bring rejuvenation and renewed energy and that sluggish feeling we all know so well can be tamed. Being healthy does not necessarily mean that you have to hit the gym every day. Busy lives mean we do not always have time to dedicate that time away from home but exercising regularly, maybe just twice a week for thirty minutes or three times a week for twenty minutes is hugely beneficial. Aside from exercise, it is really a great idea to begin by looking at your diet. You might think that you get your five a day but is this enough? You need to be getting enough of ALL the food groups, avoiding carbohydrates is no good on it’s own, everyone needs a few carbs in their life and in moderation are no more harmful than a bowl of spinach. The  [...]

Fibromyalgia Treatment Natural Approaches That Work

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Fibromyalgia-triggered chronic pains afflict around one from fifty people in America. As fibromyalgia is incurable & cause for the condition being ambiguous, the pursuit for unearthing the finest fibromyalgia treatment is still under progress. Several individuals have found improvement in their condition via innate therapies – around ninety per cent of fibromyalgia sufferers have given some of them a try. Since there have been hardly any scientific trials done on majority of these natural treatments hence trying them is the sole means of seeing whether any of them are working for you. Do discuss with your physician regarding what may be most apt for you. Sunshine Vitamin as Fibromyalgia Treatment Deficits of magnesium & vitamin D have been observed in fibro sufferers; however there is still absence of proof that intake of vitamins in supplemental form is an effectual therapy for fibromyalgia. Vitamin D which is best obtained from the sun’s rays does have some impact on functioning  [...]

What Important Health Lessons could be Learnt From the First Lady

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In what way does the White House Garden thrive? Partly possible by the yearly addition of varied kinds of produce. During springtime planting in the garden, Michelle Obama made the announcement that beetroots would be the proud addition to their garden for the pioneering instant, in spite of the President’s dislike for them. The First Lady candidly confessed to a gang of school-goers volunteering in the gardening work about her husband not particularly being a fan of the delightfully coloured vegetable. The herbaceous plant which is great for the blood, digestion, fever & is carb and iron rich joins the fifty-plus array of fruit & veggie varieties in the two-yr-old garden which has produced a massive two thousand lbs. of produce. During spring-2010, Michelle along with her volunteering group planted cauliflowers, artichoke, bok choy & mustard plant to the White House garden’s bounteousness. Although the Obamas might not be big on beetroots but their inclusion does reinforce  [...]

Natural Detox This Springtime

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Is sluggishness, aches & bloating bogging you down? Well, it’s certainly time for detoxification. Though where should one be starting? Commence right away – by selecting foods available in the springtime which must certainly be part of your grocery-shopping list. Natural Detox Foods Top Priority List [table id=1 /] Other Ways of Jump-starting Natural Detox Try incorporating the following into regular intake for maximum detoxifying action: Pomegranates Beetroot Cilantro Cocoa Milk thistle Spirulina Seaweed Chlorella Nutrient forms like zinc, selenium to activate detoxing & glutathione Special detoxifying supplement types like NAC (a sulphur which the body deploys for making glutathione), triphala, psyllium, vitamin C that assists the body in producing glutathione (a liver constituent eliminating toxins). Herb forms like burdock, chlorella that help in supporting detoxification. Drink green tea. Skip or drastically reduce intake of  [...]

Weight Management Tips for Rotational Shift Workers

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An estimate 1 among 3 people employed in Canada are into shift work and in case you are one like them, you’re perhaps facing challenges for eating healthful. There is a greater tendency and expediency in hitting those vending machines for fuelling our bodies with cupfuls of caffeine – a habit which is never a good move for a healthy body. Still for individuals working graveyard & rotational shifts, healthful consumption holds paramount importance since studies have found that people in shift work have a higher chance of developing sleep disturbance, hypertension, type II diabetes, cardiovascular ailment, metabolic syndrome among other conditions. Shift work is even associated with digestion problems like unsettled stomach, ulcer formations & heart burn. In comparison to people working in regular daytime jobs, shift work employees have a greater likelihood of suffering weight issues because of pitiable food options, erratic and non-regular consumption habits & augmented  [...]

Airport body Scanners – Gauging the Safety Quotient

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For those who have not yet spotted the novel screening devices which are been installed across airports in the United States, probability of you seeing it shortly are quite high. The TSA or Transportation Security Administration is swapping majority of the metal detector devices with imaging gadgets which divulge information about objects concealed within the clothes of a passenger. However, a number of specialists are apprehensive that the novel airport body scanners could be exposing flyers to health dangers. In point of fact, airport scanners come in duo forms and the pre-requisite in these is the person to be stepping inside booths and raising his/her arms. Millimeter wave technology is one of them that emits radio waves that bounce off an individual’s body for producing monochromatic images by gauging energy reflection occurring. This type of full body scanner is widely used globally & the TSA has stated that the millimetre wave technology produces much lesser energy in comparison  [...]

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