Healthy diet and ADHD

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Healthy food is very important for all the children who are in their growing stage. A healthy diet is a must for all those children who should have strong bones and good health. For children with attention hyperactivity disorder healthy food is a must and a healthy diet is a mainstay of ADHD.

Ahealthy diet for an ADHD child would be one that has good fiber, omega, folate, and such effective substances. This decreases hyperactivity largely. Also, if you have a diet that is rich in vegetables, fish, and whole grains then it is good for hyperactive kids. A good diet for an ADHD child is one that has lesser amount of refined sugar and fat.

Then there is the elimination diet with always tries to avoid common food allergens like nuts, fish, vegetables, and whole grains. There is the Feingold diet, which keeps away from artificial coloring, preservatives, artificial flavorings; These types of diets are not easy to follow. Changing the eating habits is always not enough to get an improved behavior from the children with ADHD. Nutritional changes would also help to improve the condition.

Healthy Diet for ADHDThere are many parents who are not willing to treat conditions like ADHD so before taking any kind of medication it is always better to try to find out some changes at school and at home. There are food additives, which are said to cause problems like attention deficit syndrome. Some substances in the preservatives and food coloring increase hyperactive behavior in the children. The food additives like sodium benzoate, tartrazine, allura red, and quinoline yellow.

Food manufactures have also asked to remove the artificial food dyes from the products. It is also important that the child should have a good diet, which would not trigger problems like ADHD. The approach for the overall health of the child is a diet that does not have too much of processed foods, sugar. It would be a diet, which would be rich in fruits, grains, vegetables, and healthy fats. Fat is found in food like flaxseed, fish etc.

Sodas, fast foods, ice cream, and such food stuffs are top on the children’s menu but they are the worst food for all those who have attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Sometimes there are diets, which are low in fats and high in whole grains. These are the best alternatives to medicines that are given for ADHD. It has also been found that the ADHD development is also importantly associated with the diets rich in sugar and saturated fats. So it is preferably avoided.

ADHD children DietsAs said before the Feingold diet is also a way of curbing ADHD. This is based on the fact that the salicylates and artificial colours that contribute to ADHD can be avoided .Most of the ADHD children did not however improve after such diets though some showed a little bit of sensitiveness to the additives.

All in all, it can only be said that ADHD and healthy diet go hand in hand and it is in the hands of the individual to deal with the right way. If the child has got the problem of ADHD altering the diet could help to a great extent. So medication and ADHD could be avoided if we could alter the diet to a great extent.

ADHD and a healthy diet are two sides of the same coin. So it is important that you know how to tackle this problem in a child.

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