New Opportunities for 3D Technology in Medicine

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Physicians have till date been in two minds about the benefits of 3D technology. However, as their advantages came to the forefront even expert surgeons vouched for 3D technology. This change in perception is largely due to enhanced 3D glasses and screens. Practical implementation of these has proved the workability of this concept which until now was considered to be a theoretical concept which was highly impractical in real life. In the beta tests where expert surgeons too participated actively it is revealed that more than 50 surgeons were impressed with the 3D systems. Dr. Ulrich Leiner who is the head of the Interactive media – Human Factors Department at HHI stated, “While the technology still requires some fine-tuning, technology that does without the need to wear special glasses will increase the popularity of 3D systems in operating rooms. In the past, surgeons were hesitant to use the technology precisely because of the glasses.” As the research gets more and more deeper  [...]

The Health guide

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There are many areas of health that we really are not aware of and that we never tend to identify. Let us discuss some unique observations in matters of health. People with obstructive sleep apnea have the same kind of damage to their cardiovascular conditions as people suffering from diabetes have. This is according to a new study that was taken recently. Obstructive sleep apnea is a common kind of disorder that is normally seen with a lot of disrupted breathing especially when the person is asleep. It is seen to increase the condition of high blood pressure and heart attack. It also drastically affects the heart by causing the rhythm to get disorderly. It has also been to affect the cardiac conditions and leads to heart failures. Any kind of information on early cardiovascular malfunctioning is exactly not available so no steps have been taken towards this condition. Obstructive sleep apnea leads to many kinds of disorders of the ear and the study was then with around 20 patients who  [...]

Depressing Facts About Depression

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Depression is bound to be a part of your life in these stressful times we live, and the statistics reveal a very grim picture. At least one in ten workers has taken time off due to depression which has resulted from tough work schedules, unrealistic targets. The survey was conducted by the European Depression Association in countries like Britain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Spain and France. Over all, 20 percent of the 7000 people polled had received a diagnosis at some point of life. The report said that one in four workers with depression did not tell their employer that they were in a state of depression. The report further stated that the depressed people are generally not very  preoccupied with the worry and fear about what might happen to them in future as they think they already know what will happen, and they have the tendency to believe that it will be bad for their future much similar to their present. The symptoms include feeling sad, tense, hopeless, disappointed,  [...]

Robotic Surgery: Technology and Medicine

Posted in News No discussion yet on October 12th, 2012

Everyday medical science and technology are trying diverse methods to merge their work domains to make life more easier. Surgeries were a very difficult and dreaded task in the yesteryears. But day by day, the accuracy rate is improving thanks to the new tools and innovative methods which help the doctors to conduct the surgery with precision. Also research is going on in order to reduce the extent of pain and discomfort which a patient experiences. There are numerous studies to ensure that the patient can go back and lead a normal life soon after the operation. One such revolution is the Robot - Assisted or Computer Assisted surgery. This surgery was developed to overcome the limitations of the surgery, and to enhance the capabilities of the surgeons. In robotic surgeries, the surgeons control their instruments either with direct tele manipulator or by a computer. The latest robot is termed as the Da Vinci Robot. The Da Vinci Surgical System comprises of three components- a surgeons  [...]

Research to Combat Deafness

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Every sense of our body is very essential. If anything happens to anyone then we become handicap and cannot work normally. One such sense is the sense of hearing. If we are unable to hear then we become deaf. Deafness, the condition which puts in distressing, awkward, embarrassing positions during your daily routine, now can be cured by a stem cell therapy. Deafness caused due to damage to the inner ear nerve, may now be cured by stem cell therapy. Researchers from the University of Sheffield have claimed that the hearing was partially improved with the help of stem cells. The nerve cells were replaced by the researchers that are used for hearing by the stem cells called as spiral ganglion neurons from human embryo, and which are capable of becoming any kind of cell in the human body from nerve to skin and muscle to kidney. These cells were injected in to the inner ears of 18 deaf gerbils and it was found that the capacity of the 10 deaf gerbils improved and the hearing improved. This  [...]

New Invention to Measure the Pesticide Content Present in Food and our Body

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All of us are concerned about the pesticides we consume in our daily life through the food we eat, the air we breathe and we are helpless as we are not aware of the remedies for this situation. A young scientist from Imtech, has developed a biosensor chip that tells us how much pesticide is there in our cold drinks, food or even the amount that has already entered our body's blood stream. This match box sized chip weighs 200 gms and costs only Rs 5. This low cost bio chip uses a simple affinity based electrochemical technique to detect toxic materials in the environment quickly and with high degree of sensitivity. The same sensor can also be used for diabetic markers, thyroid markers, and cardiac markers. In simple terms this means that the blood test through this chip can predict if you have a risk of heart attack, thyroid or diabetes. Pesticides usage raises lots of environmental concerns, and over 98% of the sprayed pesticides reach a destination other than their targets. These organic  [...]

Pay your Tax to save lives

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Adding a few rupees as taxes to air tickets can help generate the much needed funds to buy life saving medicines for diseases such as HIV/ AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. United, a UN agency which negotiates to buy cheap medicines from the leading pharmaceutical companies all over the world to treat deadly diseases in developing countries, is urging India to join countries such as France, Brazil, Chile, and South Korea in imposing a nominal tax to fund its efforts. The initiative which generates about $ 200 annually is proposing a tax of Rs. 10 on domestic tickets and USD 1 on any international flights in the Indian market. Clearly this big a noble cause and India with a booming air passenger market, India can make a big difference if it joins the initiative. Since 80 percent of the drugs bought by united are from the Indian pharmaceutical companies and some of them are used to treat Indian patients, India has nothing to lose by joining this programme. The money raised from this initiative  [...]

Diabetics Risk From Your Cosmetics

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This is alarming news for women using cosmetics. Surprisingly, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals or phthalates are found in moisturizers, nail polishes, soaps, hair sprays, perfumes, health and skin care creams may elevate and trigger diabetic risk in women. A team of researchers from the division of women's health at Brigham and women's hospital, Boston, analyzed urinary concentrations of phthalates in a survey and tests conducted on over 2000 women. The results were stunning and they found that women with the highest levels of the specific phthalates had almost twice the risk of diabetes, compared to women with lowest levels of those chemicals. It was found that phthalates apart from being found in the cosmetic products were also found in the medication to cure diabetes. This could also clearly show the higher level of phthalates in diabetic women.

Smart Gene – Human Intelligence

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An international research to understand the genetic formation of the brain has discovered patterns of DNA that could be linked to a larger brain, more memory and intelligence. Scientists have discovered a small piece in the puzzle as to why some people are smarter and intelligent than the others finding a gene connected to intelligence. This gene can change the levels of intelligence in the brain but not is the only reason for higher intelligence. Searching for a genetic explanation for brain disease, the researchers found a minute variant in a gene called HMGA2 among people who had larger brains and scored high on IQ TEST and were very intelligent. Hence this was called ''AN INTELLIGENCE GENE''. The variant on HMGA2 is found where there is just a single change in the permutation of the four letters of the genetic code. DNA, the blueprint  of life consists of four basic chemicals called A-ADENINE, C-CYTOSINE, T-THYMINE, G-GUANINE STUNG TOGATHER in different combinations. In this case  [...]

Catherine Zeta-Jones Seeks Bipolar Disorder II Treatment

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The morose expression reveals it all. Michael Douglas found it hard to conceal his pain as it surfaced that Catherine Zeta-Jones, his wife is seeking therapy for manic depression as a result of being immensely stress-ridden due to his battles with cancer. The forty-one years old actress took admission into a psychiatric facility, Silver Hill where she’s reportedly sharing a ward with those suffering from alcoholism & drug addiction. She’s been in the hospital for 5 days & joins 10 to fifteen others in the over seven hundred pounds detoxification facility located in Connecticut’s New Canaan hosp. Catherine’s spokesperson corroborated that she did receive mental health therapy to assist her in coping with the traumatizing events she underwent on the personal front. The actress who has 2 young kids with Michael decided to get herself admitted for a short stay into the mental health centre so that her bipolar disorder II condition could be treated. She is reported to be feeling  [...]

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