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Top experts have presented a human MOT test for males to gauge any likely risks of developing health condition.

Breathlessness in wintry weather

Breathlessness is an indicator of cardiovascular system exerting greater effort in functioning normally. This issue becomes more pronounced when the heart is under certain strain. In case one is feeling more than normal breathlessness in icy weather conditions or subsequent to have eaten a full meal then it could be suggestive of furred up arteries (partial or complete arterial blockage due to fatty plaque deposition).

The analogous holds true in case there is unanticipated and abnormally more breathlessness felt when one exerts oneself like doing an uphill walk or working out at the gym. Pains or a constricted sensation felt in the chest area are other caveat symptoms.

Subsequent Measures

Experts believe that instead of simply putting up with it, it would always be wise to undergo a medical examination. In case a doctor considers a person to be at risk then an electrocardiogram (ECG) revealing the heart’s electrical activity and likely stress tests for evaluating signs that would be triggered under control settings would be advised.

Frequent Night time Loo Visits

The crucial aspect to bear in mind is if one is breaking one’s own pattern of usual number of loo visits. Aging could also be one of the reasons as it elicits muscle weakening. Also it could be quite usual for those consuming large amounts of coffee, caffeine-based or alcoholic drinks or in case one ails from troubled sleep.

Other vital pointers to be vigilant about is the pressing requirement to urinate and not that much being passed out or blood-presence in urine or seminal fluid. In case this has occurred, then signs could indicate that one is having a UTI or urinary tract infection, prostate enlargement or prostate infection (prostatitis) or likely cancer.

Subsequent Measures

Instead of opting for the Do-it-yourself analytical kits for testing prostate conditions, it would be sensible to get checked by a general practitioner as these kits are unable to identify a particular prostate condition or cannot diagnose the extent of the disorder – hence they could fallaciously provide reassurance or be a reason to fret about.

Though frequently urinating is not strictly a sign of prostate cancer, however in case after evaluating other signs, a doctor senses that a person is at elevated risk then a rectal exam or testing PSA or prostate-specific antigen levels could be suggested that could be indications of cancer.

In the interim, prostate enlargement prevalent amongst fifty-plus elderly people, certain medicines like alpha-reductase inhibitors could be advised. A number of males cited palmetto to be quite helpful. Surgery for reducing prostate enlargement could additionally decrease the pressure causal to urinary issues. Antibiotic course would be advised for treating infections. An overly excitable urinary bladder could be another probable reason that could be treated with alpha blocker medicines.

Discomfiting Itching

Elevated sugar levels in blood could increase the likelihood of developing fungus infections like thrush that is contributory to genital itchiness.

Those suffering from recurrent infections in spite of having undergone treatment or having other signs like augmented thirst, blurry eyesight, intense weariness and an urge to often visit the loo (particularly during night time), then one could be having Type 2 Diabetes. Other risk aspects that are to be considered are age, family history, waist circumference – males having waist measurement thirty-seven inches or above are at greater risk.

Subsequent Measures

Blood analysis is imperative to check blood glucose levels. Lifestyle variations would be advised by the doctor. D.I.Y tests are generally not preferable as outcomes could vary dependent on when one lastly consumed something that could have an effect on blood glucose levels.

Profuse Perspiration

Signs like profusely perspiring particularly during night time, loss in sexual drive, tetchiness, depressive tendencies and failed dawn-time potency are associated with plummeting male hormone testosterone levels.

male menopauseMale menopause continues to be a highly debatable condition; several males would identify the signs that often have a tendency of emerging around fifty years of age.

Male hypogonadism (a flaw in the testes leading to under-production of testosterone) is an under-treated disorder which could be another likely reason that becomes prevalent with rising age. Outcome of a latest study showed that testosterone treatment among such men helps to reduce cholesterol as well as useful in improving erectile problems, moods and cognitive functioning, though larger-scale clinical studies are required.

Some experts believe that testosterone deficit is prevalent in several males, however solely 1% of the 20% of above-fifty-year-olds that are suffering from this condition would get treatment. In a number of males, their bodies start showing resistance to testosterone. Though blood tests would show plentiful, however the body is not employing it.

Subsequent Measures

As there are no D.I.Y tests for spotting testosterone deficit, however one could schedule a visit with the doctor. Often experts advise that GPs should consider signs and symptoms being experienced and not simply base their treatment on outcomes of blood analysis. A lot of males immediately get tagged as having depression. Testosterone replacement therapy is accessible and is possibly a safer bet as compared to Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women.

Excessively Gassy

A variation in bowel routines like excessively gassy, discomforting sensation, more mucous or possibly needing to pass motions thrice or four times on a daily basis or blood loss could be signs of bowel cancer.

A modification in bowel habits occurs due to tumor presence that obstructs a person’s normally functioning digestion process slackening or hastening it. Tumors surface as ulcerous growths or small-sized polyps which cause bleeding.

Subsequent Measures

Age is central as in case of those below fifty years of age; doctors would be less bothered about cancer being the offender and rather would look for colitis, piles or Crohn’s disease. Those past fifty years of age should not take these signs lightly and promptly visit their doctor.

Even as rates of pervasiveness are analogous in both genders prior to fifty years of age, after that males are more prone to developing the disease. Men are additionally infamously bad regarding talking about their digestion issues.

Those above seventy years of age could apply for gratis home screening kits in England that are provided by the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. Those between sixty to sixty-nine years of age are offered the screening kit in time interval of 2 years. Those below sixty years of age could request for these kits that could be obtained at a cost of about eighteen pounds.

Otherwise, visiting the doctor is imperative so that proper assessment could be carried out and in case necessary referral to gastroenterologist would be done for further testing, inclusive of a possible colonoscopy.

Loss in any one of the senses – smell, vision and taste

Any failure of senses of smell, vision and taste could translate to some aspect that is causing an effect on that component of the brain. In case one notices a loss in some sense which could be slow and possibly sense turning unaccountably irate or repeatedly losing control, mostly happening alongside long-lasting headaches then it might be due to non-malignant lesions or bleeding or tumor in the brain.

Subsequent Measures

Visiting a doctor would help in assessing the symptoms. However, headaches could indicate presence of brain tumor but they could also be signs of ocular issues or hypertension. Males are noted to suffer more from cluster headaches as compared to females – these classically happen during an analogous time every day for nearly twelve weeks, till the cluster period has ended – commencing quite abruptly. Pain is generally sensed at the back or around an eye and is acute in nature also causing restiveness.

Difficulty in Night Driving

Difficulty in night driving could indicate retinitis pigmentosa – an eye condition affecting a person’s capacity to have normal vision in dimmer light in young men whereas in older-aged men it could probably be an indication of a cataract (cloudiness in eye lens) developing. As the condition deteriorates, the person could begin experiencing ocular problems even in daytime – for instance eye glasses could appear grimy despite having cleaned them. 1/3rd populace of above sixty-five years old males are noted to have this problem.

Subsequent Measures

Cataract surgery is the sole cure obtainable, however one with high success rates of nearly ninety-nine percent. During the procedure, old lens is replaced with a synthetic one via a mere two to three millimetres slit in the eye in lesser than fifteen minutes time period. There is no treatment available for retinitis pigmentosa.

Everyday drinkers of half a wine bottle or more

drinking alcoholThose drinking this quantity or above on a daily basis are putting themselves at a considerable risk of developing liver ailments.

How great is the risk is dependent on the person’s age, those in age band of thirty to forty years are not at that high a risk, however those older are 7 times more prone to be hospitalized due to grave liver ailments as compared to one who would not be drinking that much amounts of alcohol; a bottle consumed on a nightly basis would make one 10 times more prone.

Drinking alcohol leads to fat accruement leading to inflammation and scars that impedes liver from normally working. Liver ailment is generally asymptomatic till it is in a grave and advanced stage.

Subsequent Measures

Maintaining a booze record for keeping tabs on how much alcohol has been consumed. In case drinking is at this level constantly, then one needs to curb it. The ideal news is that no sooner does one restrict or stop drinking; liver function tests come back to normal, though whatever damage has been done – like scarring would not go away.

Transitory Dual Vision

This could be indicative of a TIA or mini-version of stroke or transient ischaemic attack developing due to interruption of blood supply to the brain for a succinct period. Those who suffer from TIA are suggested to merely take rest, however physicians presently believe that they should get prompt medical assistance as there is imminent likelihood of a more grave form of stroke that could even transpire in forty-eight hours time.

Dual vision could also indicate other conditions, inclusive of thyroid problems, being diabetic and MS (multiple sclerosis). Hence, it is imperative to seek medical option.

Subsequent Measures

In case one senses an abrupt failure or blurry vision, a ripping headache (among those not likely to have them), feeling weak or numb in limbs lasting for some minutes to a few hours, and then subsiding, and the person is above forty years of age must seek medical opinion.

Majority of the affected individuals are above sixty-five years of age, however even kids and infants could suffer from strokes. Annually nearly one thousand below thirty-year-olds suffer from strokes. In case the doctor considers the person to be at a particularly high risk – having hypertension or diabetic – then they would be tended to in twenty-four hours and others could be tended to within seven days.

depressionFrequently Feeling gloomy

Among men, depression is mostly apparent through signs like becoming irritable, abrupt rage, increasingly losing control, far more risk-seeking and aggressive behaviours. Males are also three folds more prone to committing suicides. Several studies also indicate that depression is additionally a risk aspect for CAD (coronary artery disease).

Subsequent Measures

Speaking out to near and dear ones, curbing intake of alcoholic drinks as it is a depressant, avoiding dusk time caffeine intake as it could interfere with normal sleep, eating healthier inclusive of fruits, veggies, oily fishes that are helpful for those with depressive tendencies.

A general practitioner could advise a brief course of antidepressants. However, in case the depression is more profound then intensive counselling would be requisite.

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