Effective Herbal Cures for Asthma

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Asthma is defined as a pulmonary disease taking place due to inflammation of bronchial tubes or the air passages. Inflammation in the air passages makes the asthmatic feel tightness in his chest accompanied by other signs like wheezing, breathing difficulties and coughing. There’s no cure for asthma; the asthma symptoms are however, controlled with a combination of lifestyle changes and dosages of conventional medications. There are also some effective herbal remedies for asthma; below, we have discussed some of them. 1.  Both honey and tea are known to be excellent bronchodilators and decongestants. According to herbalists, chamomile tea is particularly beneficial experiencing asthma symptoms. This tea works by soothing and relaxing the muscles of our body including the muscles of our respiratory system. This relieves us from the asthma symptoms like chest tightness and breathing difficulties. Adding 1 tablespoon honey to this tea before drinking it will make breathing easier for the  [...]

How Should Pet Lovers Deal with Asthma?

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Are you a pet lover, but have developed asthma? Then there's a serious possibility that you'll be separated from your beloved pet. Individuals diagnosed to be suffering from asthma are usually advised to stay away from pets as doing so might aggravate the signs of the disease. Although many of us believe that length of hair of the pets is the factor responsible for triggering asthma attacks; it is not true. The primary factors that might trigger asthma attacks include pet’s dander, saliva, urine and sweat. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the steps the pet lovers should take for dealing with their asthma attacks. The first thing you must do is identifying the exclusion zones in your abode where the pets can stay. The best way of handling the situation would be stopping the pets from entering your bedroom and other parts of the house where you spend maximum hours. If the pets had the habit of sleeping in any of these rooms, you must wash all the bed sheets and spread a newly  [...]

Using Lavender Oil for Getting Relief from Asthma

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Asthma is categorized as a respiratory disorder occurring when the dilated blood vessels narrow our airways. Recently obtained statistics show that around 20 million residents of USA are suffering from asthma and the more staggering fact is that 9 million among them are children. One can experience asthma symptoms due to factors like an allergic reaction, stress etc. Medically, asthma is treated with steroids, bronchodilators etc. In this article we’ll be discussing ways of using lavender oil for the treatment of asthma. The sedative and anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil make it an excellent remedy for asthma. Lavender Oil Chest Rub for Asthma Patients Pour ¼ cup olive oil in a bowl and add 8 drops lavender oil to it. If available, you can also add 2 drops chamomile oil to the mixture. Chamomile oil will enhance the anti-allergic effects of this chest rub due to its antihistamine properties. Now, dip your fingers into the mixture for getting the oil required for performing  [...]

Cough-Variant Asthma – What You Need to Know

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Cough-variant asthma (CVA) is a kind of asthma wherein the key sign is non-mucus secreting, dry cough also known as non-productive cough. Individuals having cough-variant asthma mostly do not experience any other typical asthma symptoms like succinctness or difficulty while breathing. CVA is also dubbed as chronic cough to explicate a cough which has endured for over 6-8 weeks time. Asthma-related coughing could develop at any time. Night time asthma could vastly interfere with sound slumber. Individuals having cough-variant asthma mostly observe that they would cough more frequently while exercising, known as exercise-induced asthma. Coughing could intensify following exposure to asthma triggering factors or allergy-eliciting substance types like dust or pungent smells or in the presence of chilly climatic conditions. Cough-Variant Asthma – Who is at risk? Any person could develop CVA at any instant; however it prevalently affects young children having childhood asthma. Cough-variant  [...]

Being Heedful About 10 Nasal Allergy Symptoms

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Are you one of those who frequently sneeze, has teary eyes, scratchy, dribbling nose and feels congested?  All the vacuuming along with HEPA filters, staying at home during times of peak pollen counts and taking symptom-allaying medicines as per directions does not seem to be providing much respite from allergy symptoms. Symptom 1: Allergy salutes Allergic salutes like the gestures of swiping a scratchy, leaky nasal tip are particularly widespread among kids. Symptom 2: Raccoon-like Eyes Under eye dark circles is another one of the niggling allergy symptoms resulting due to scratchy eyes frequently been rubbed, watery or teary eyes, recurrent sneezes and a leaky nose are signs that could be allayed by taking antihistamines. In case one has been taking this form of medicine then one could discuss with a physician about amending dosage schedules. Symptom 3: Unremitting chest congestion A person would usually experience stuffy nasal passage generally lasting for seven to fourteen  [...]

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