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Smart Gene – Human Intelligence

An international research to understand the genetic formation of the brain has discovered patterns of DNA that could be linked to a larger brain, more memory and intelligence. Scientists have discovered a small piece in the puzzle as to why some people are smarter and intelligent than the others finding a gene connected to intelligence. This gene can change the levels of intelligence in the brain but not is the only reason for higher intelligence. Searching for a genetic explanation for brain disease, the researchers found a minute variant in a gene called HMGA2 among people who had larger brains and scored high on IQ TEST and were very intelligent. Hence this was called ''AN INTELLIGENCE GENE''. The variant on HMGA2 is found where there is just a single change in the permutation of the four letters of the genetic code. DNA, the blueprint  of life consists of four basic chemicals called A-ADENINE, C-CYTOSINE, T-THYMINE, G-GUANINE STUNG TOGATHER in different combinations. In this case  [...]

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