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New Life Hope For Cancer Patients

A great news for cancer patients- a second chance. This is a new aggressive procedure for those suffering from cancer of abdomen and intestine. This procedure is a combination of CRS (cytoreductive surgery) and hipec (hyperthermic intra-peritoneal chemotherapy). This treatment can also be used for ovarian cancer, appendix cancer, bowel cancer. The treatment with this procedure improves the quality of life and in some cases prolongs the life. CRS- removes all visible or macroscopic tumors from the abdominal cavity. Hipec - a hot, high concentrated dose of chemotherapy is given in the abdominal cavity to remove the remaining microscopic cancer cells. This treatment is prescribed for peritoneal mesthelmia which is cancer of the lining of the chest and abdomen, and for the psuedomyxoma peritonei build up mucus in the abdominal cavitity. In some cases it can be used for cancer of colon. The cost of surgery in India is about 10 lakh rupees. There is a huge potential for this treatment,  [...]

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Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil has many benefits and therefore should be included in our diet to ensure better health. The following are some of the benefits of olive oil. Olive oil is good for the health of our heart: Research has shown that people who consumed olive oil had lesser risk of cardiovascular disorders. This is because olive oil contains mild vegetable mucilage. This is vital for the health of the heart. Therefore consuming olive oil is good for our heart. Olive oil cures ulcers: Olive oil has coolant properties and therefore it prevents ulcers. Ulcers are also caused due to improper digestion. And olive oil is good for digestion. Therefore olive oil is useful. Reduces constipation: using olive oil as a part of salad dressing helps to ease bowel movement. Therefore people who suffer from constipation should include olive oil in their meals. Olive oil also helps to reduce blood pressure Olive oil can be safely consumed by people who suffer from high cholesterol as it is not harmful  [...]

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Do you fear Lung Cancer because of smoking? Try Green Tea

All doctors or physicians mostly share common opinion that lung-cancer is the soul of all cancers caused in the body. Lung cancer is the beginning of other kind of cancers. And needless to say that smoking is the vital reason of lung-cancer. However, according to the study conducted by Taiwan expertise team, green tea can be a good source or natural source for preventing lung cancer. An experiment concluded that Green tea can help body system fight against the consequences or side-effects of smoking. Especially, it helps formation of lung cancer in the body. Green tea successfully blocks the formation of tumors in lungs. It contains polyphenols that play a vital role of antioxidants. It is also proven that even non-smokers who do not consume tea have greater chances of getting lung cancer as they consume smoke indirectly. And smokers who do not drink tea have greater possibility of getting lung cancer than the smokers who drink tea. This is definitely a better and easy option than antibiotics,  [...]

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Formula For De- Stressing

A spiritual writer Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has given a positive formula for de stressing. According to him the prophet said, “Waiting for a better tomorrow is also a form of worship.” This formula is tried and tested several times and on each occasion it is found to be the best in any given situation. This formula has nothing mysterious about it and is based on the laws of nature, and if you adopt the formula you will become stress free and full of hope, you will think positively, and this will enhance your skills. If your mindset is negative, you diminish your abilities. When we shun negativity we initiate a process of enhancement of our potential. Almost all cases of failure can be due to not following the laws of nature. This course will allow your vehicle to stray from the path and makes reaching your destination difficult. The creator is Himself a positive mind and loves positivity. You must develop positivity and enhance your personality. Consequently you will experience success.

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Brains: Betray Your Lies

Lying is a very difficult, hard, tough task and lot more complex than telling the truth. At the outset you have to accept the truth and then use all means to deny the truth and make sure it is consistent with all the given answers that you are about to give. It has been scientifically proved and researched the fact that your brain is working harder can be seen in the called- electroencephalograph (EEG) which measures the electric signals and the activity in your brain. In our brain there is a part called anterior cingulate cortex which spots errors or conflicts as they are termed, and in case of deception, it spots the conflict between the truth and what you have just said. What can be measured using EEG, known as P300, is the amount of attention you are giving to any one given task. When someone is lying as they are multitasking as the attention given to any one task drops and so does the strength of the P300 signal, which can be used as a lie detector. It is this complexity that makes  [...]

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