Do you fear Lung Cancer because of smoking? Try Green Tea

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All doctors or physicians mostly share common opinion that lung-cancer is the soul of all cancers caused in the body. Lung cancer is the beginning of other kind of cancers. And needless to say that smoking is the vital reason of lung-cancer. However, according to the study conducted by Taiwan expertise team, green tea can be a good source or natural source for preventing lung cancer.

An experiment concludedGreen Tea that Green tea can help body system fight against the consequences or side-effects of smoking. Especially, it helps formation of lung cancer in the body. Green tea successfully blocks the formation of tumors in lungs. It contains polyphenols that play a vital role of antioxidants.

It is also proven that even non-smokers who do not consume tea have greater chances of getting lung cancer as they consume smoke indirectly. And smokers who do not drink tea have greater possibility of getting lung cancer than the smokers who drink tea. This is definitely a better and easy option than antibiotics, to fight / cure lung cancer in the body system. Therefore, advice your loved ones, friends, colleagues, whether smoker or non-smoker, to start green tea for healthy and better tomorrow. Let your lungs breathe with you happily!

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