Green Tea – Amending Cigarette Smoke Elicited Lung Cancer Risk

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Outcomes of a randomized trial carried out in a Taiwan-based hospital reveal that green tea consumption could help in altering the consequences of cigarette smoke on risks of developing Lung Cancer.

green tea for lung cancerLung Cancer is the principal reason behind all the cancer-related fatalities in Taiwan. Tea, especially green tea has been garnering significant amount of interest as tea polyphenols are potent forms of antioxidants. Tea has been proven to stall the development of tumors.

On the other hand, previously conducted trials on green teas have been hampered due to faults in the case-comparison study that has intrinsic predispositions.

The researchers, I-Hsin Lin and associates from the Chung Shan Medical University signed up 170 lung cancer sufferers and 340 individuals in normal health as control group. Surveys was carried out by these researchers for acquiring vital statistics traits, whether habituated to cigarette smoking, green tea intake, dietetic consumption of fruits and veggies, what kind of preparation styles were adopted to cook food and whether there was any family member who had previously had lung cancer.

The researchers additionally performed genotyping on IGF (insulin-like growth factors) as polymorphism on the IGF factors like IGF1, IGF2 and IGFBP3, all of these have cited to have strong links to the risk of developing cancer. It was observed that all those who heavily smoked on a frequent basis and carriers of these predisposed IGF factors additionally had greater chances of developing lung cancer in comparison to those who did not smoke and were carriers of non-predisposed insulin-like growth factors.

Amongst all those individuals that did or did not indulge in smoking, all of those that did not consume green tea had a five times greater likelihood of developing lung cancer in comparison to all those individuals that used to drink a single or more cups of green tea on a day-to-day basis.

Amongst all those people indulging in smoking, those that did not consume even a single cup of green tea daily, were observed to have a twelve times higher probability of developing lung cancer in comparison to all those individuals that used to drink a single cup of green tea every day.

Researchers have suspected inherent factors could don a part in this degree of difference of risk. All those regular consumers of green tea having non-predisposed IGF1 (CA)19/(CA)19 and (CA)19X genotyping were cited to have a sixty-six percent decline in the likelihood of developing lung cancer when evaluated against all those consuming green tea and were carriers of IGF1 x/x genotype.

This study could be representing an indication that modulation of lung cancer risk and cigarette smoke elicited carcinogenic effects is possible by consuming green tea and the IGF setting.

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