Chlamydia Symptoms Men – What to Expect

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Chlamydia afflicts around 4 million individuals in the U.S. annually with even more figures noted globally. Chlamydia infection could mostly produce varying symptoms in a man and woman and it would be vastly helpful to decipher symptoms pertinent to one’s gender.

Chlamydia Symptoms Men

It is vital to be watchful about the following Chlamydia symptoms men.

  • Pains felt while urinating (due to urethral inflammation or urethritis in fifty percent cases) or scratchy feeling when one urinates (mostly the foremost symptom).
  • Cloudiness noted in the urine.
  • Water-like or smarmy emanation from the penis.
  • Crustiness observed on the penile tip.
  • Tenderness or soreness felt in the scrotal or anal area.
  • Chlamydial Conjunctivitis (trachoma) develops due to infection spreading due to contact with infected fingers, clothing, cough or sneezes and eye seeking fly forms.
  • Pains and swelling in the testicular area are uncommonly observed.

Chlamydia Symptoms MenMales and females who consent to anal sexual intercourse might often contract chlamydial infection in the rectal area that could lead to pains, blood loss and discharge from the rectum. Chlamydia could additionally be present in the throat region of both genders that have oral sexual contact with an infection-ridden mate.

Chlamydia infection related complications in males atypically occur. Infection at times would spread to the tube carrying sperm from the testicular area known as the epididymis and causes pains, fever and atypically makes the man sterile or reduce sterility when untreated within six to eight weeks. Chlamydia has been found to cause over 250000 epididymis cases in the United States annually. Sporadically, inflamed urethral area, eye and joint parts could occur which are signs of Reiter’s syndrome.

Chlamydia is additionally the likely reason for prostatitis among males, though the precise bearing in case of prostatitis is tricky to establish because of the likely urethral contamination.

Chlamydia Symptoms Men- Recognizing the Symptoms
  • In case one is having fever then body temperature must be taken as it is mostly found in case of an active Chlamydia infection. But as fever is linked with an array of health conditions hence one also needs to be watchful about other symptoms of Chlamydia.
  • Being wary about any form of burning, hurtful sensations experienced while one urinates. It is among the most prevalently cited Chlamydia symptoms.
  • Recognizing any form of abnormal penile discharge being emitted. In case the penile emission is liquid-like, hazy, an unusual colour or foul smelling is a classic Chlamydia symptom among males.
  • One needs to bear in mind that in case there is swelling and optionally pains in the testicular region then one might be suffering from Chlamydia. These symptoms generally surface in the middle to advanced staging of Chlamydia infection.
  • Being sentient that oral Chlamydia could lead to throat soreness whereas anal Chlamydia could lead to rectal swelling.
  • Knowing the date of the last sexual contact since Chlamydia symptom generally start to surface within one to three weeks following sexual intercourse with an infection-ridden mate.
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