Non-Invasive Ways of Getting Respite from Painful Bunions

bunionsMost of the times surgical intervention is deemed to be the sole means of treating bunions which are mostly agonizing, unpleasant bumps forming due to advancing erroneous alignment of the major joint in the big toe.

Providentially, management of majority of the bunion cases could be done non-invasively and explained herewith are 7 worth-while approaches for getting reprieve.

Invest in spacious footwear
  • Looking for shoes having flattish soles, laced up sporty or soft leather footwear having deep, wide-toed boxes or open sandal having strapping which wouldn’t be touching the aggravated spot. Wearing footwear having lace or buckling which could be fastened thus giving the feet greater support as compared to slip on types.
  • Stilettos have a tendency of forcing the toes on to the frontal area of the footwear & crowding them thus worsening the bunion condition. Hence, it is advisable to don flat footwear or the low-heeled varieties.
  • Shoes for bunionsShopping at the later part of the day which is the time when one’s foot is its max size.
  • Try fitting to one’s bigger foot while leaving ½ inch gap ahead of the biggest toe and space for the toes in wiggling.
  • Footwear must be fitting snugly with ample room between toes on wearing them. Avoid wearing tightly fit, quite narrow or pointy footwear.
  • Putting a cushioning over the bunions or cover them with pads for protecting them from friction or pressures and thus being lesser hurtful to you.
  • Stretching of footwear which one has already procured but is quite tight could be done is footwear repairing shops.
Cushioning the Blows
  • Mole skin ‘doughnuts’ placed on top the bumps, foams or lamb wool spacer placements could be done amid the toes for relieving pains & pressure.
  • Tools like splint & toe spreader may help in providing respite however there is absence of proof that these rectify alignment or prevent bunion advancement.
Asking the Physician regarding orthotics
  • In case the bunions are associated with being flat-footed then using Rx shoe insert could allay pains and slacken bunions from advancing by providing support to the arches & relieving pressure away from the big toes.
  • One should ideally be avoiding readily available insert as these could be contributory to novel issues in case they are not fitting properly.
Going Zero Impact
  • Any activity such as taking walks places stress on the feet might aggravate bunion.
  • Try engaging in any activity which would be removing or lightening the weight off the frontal portion of the feet. For instance cycle, swim or do other exercise forms.
Ice packsIcing it Up

Applications of ice packs could aid in allaying swell up.

Judicious Usage of Drugs
  • OTC non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or NSAID like ibuprofen –Advil & generic could assuage momentary pains & swell up at the bunions location.
  • However extended usage of these drugs could augment the possibility of abdominal bleeding, ulcer formations and cardiovascular conditions.
Avoiding Jabs
  • Cortisone shotsCortisone shots could in fact aggravate bunion as they weaken the ligaments which are holding the toes in proper position.
  • In case one is experiencing pains which are unceasing and acute or in case long-standing bunions are advancing at a rapid rate with augmenting pains then discussing surgical procedure option with experienced podiatrists or orthopaedists.
Asking Your Doctor regarding any pertinent exercises
  • The physician might recommend exercises for improving strength of the big toe’s muscles.
  • For instance, one could start by placing both foot near to one another and then move the big toe of both foot towards one another thrice or 4 times daily.
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