Male Anti-aging Quest Transcends New Boundaries

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Despite male anti-aging remedies of hot tub, surgical intervention and Advil do seem to suffice many, yet there are others who venture even further. However, a Las-Vegas based private-owned age-management company, Cenegenics promises to fine tune an aging body in spite of worn out parts. Their anti-aging mantra is belligerent therapy involving metabolism tweaking.

At a yearly expenditure of nearly ten thousand dollars, majority of which the insurance providers do not cover – those males striving at counteracting the caustic outcomes of ageing have to adhere to the below mentioned steps that are part of their age-management program.

  • Daily healthful intake of prescribed amounts of calcium, co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) tablets, an anti-oxidant melatonin, fish oil, vitamin D, fruit extract of saw palmetto and dehydroepiandrosterone (the system’s most copious steroid).
  • Low-glycemic index diets, jogging, weight lifting are advised.
  • An intramuscular testosterone shot (instead of the ingconsumer-friendly patch and gel form) once during the week and HCG jabs (human chorionic gonadotropin, human growth hormone once daily.

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On a 3-monthly time interval, a service provider from Cenegenics would draw ten blood phials from their male entrants that are forwarded for lab analysis. The outcomes are obtained after isolating scoring of variables (for instance, cortisol, glucose, adrenal glands production of a certain stress hormone) on the blood samples that help in identifying whether the metabolism modulation are going as per intended.

HCG, a hormone prevalently used as a fertility-enhancing medicine is employed as a substitute application. Those recommending HCG shots – a hormone derived from urine of expectant women following distillation process – deem it is totally safe. Regular dosages of HCG are considered to hint the testes into secreting further testosterone that is believed to plummet subsequent to males reaching thirty years of age.

Several doctors consider testosterone (male sex hormone) – an innately manufactured anabolic steroid as vehicle fuel requisite for smooth functioning of the body. For testosterone to be capable of triggering a cellular reaction, presence of receptors is crucial for receiving its implicit messages. Astonishingly, high concentrations of testosterone receptors are present in the heart which indicates its bigger bio-chemical function. Several researches have indicated that low levels of testosterone are contributory to loss in energy levels, sex drive, bone mass density and lean muscle mass, due to which elderly males are more likely to develop heart conditions, become diabetic, depressive tendencies and sexual dysfunction issues.

Male menopause or viropause or andropause is likely to arise due to testicles halting response to testosterone stimulants, such as HCG usually occurring from forty-five years of age onwards leading to systemic modifications leading a person in the course to ailments.

Consent is vague in the area of age-management or anti-aging medicines with growth hormone linked to side-effects like bloating, a likely diabetes association, and joint aches. Testosterone usage has been linked to rash appearance, breast swell-up, blood tends to thicken or solidify and there are strong conjectures of such compounds eliciting an existent cancer. But, a number of doctors state that such outcomes could be managed or eradicated by supervising doses and screen those patients who are at risk.

The NIH (National Institutes of Health) made an announcement last year of starting on a 6-year lasting, forty-five million dollars worth study of the advantages (mentally and physically) of testosterone treatment with nearly 800 old-age entrants undergoing tests across the nation. The initial outcomes of the Testosterone study are expected to be obtainable in minimum five years time.

In the interim, Cenegenics appears to be garnering immense popularity as its staff and branches keep expanding.

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