Teens and Cell phone addictions

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Teens today are very victims of cell phone addiction and get depressed when they cannot use it. It is not known exactly why the teens go into a kind of withdrawal syndrome when they cannot use their phones.

Using cell phones regularly acts on the brain positively initially. Using such temporary pleasure based activity increases the dopamine content in the brain and results in an endorsement of good thoughts.

Teens and Cell phone addictionsHowever, over a period, these thoughts cause a lot of distress and discomfort. Psychologists say that texting by teens also results in behavioral problems and anxiety. The child loses concentration in school and is deprived of sleep.

If you have to deal with your teen, then age old kind of parenting works the best. You can remind them that it is you who is paying the bill therefore he cannot use it the way he wishes to. Reduce the use of cell phone in children and ensure that the children understand the value of time, money, and family.

So how do we enforce rules on cell phone addiction? Lay down rules and never buy a phone for a preschooler. Using the cell phone has resulted in hearing loss in many children. There was also a recent study, which found out that the DNA gets damaged in around 40% of the cells due to over usage. So even if your teen insists you should know to refuse and stick to your rules.

Always carry your cell phone in a covered case, as they let out lesser radiation this way. Do not call, just text. Teach your child to do this entire first. And for those adults reading this, do not use the cell phone while driving.W

With many health disasters happening due to cell phones, children should be taught about the addiction and control of such habits.

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